BREAKING : Black Lives Matter FOUNDER buys million dollar home in a WHITE neighborhood!

[SIZE=5]Hehe. Sometime back they were given hundreds of millions to distribute to families who lost family members to police shootings as well as distributing to black community causes and awareness programs or whatever that means. Many families complained and said that they received nothing, most of the money was unaccounted for.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Nyeuthi na wizi… :D:D:D[/SIZE]


The IQ of a black man is never beyond his nose.

Patricia umerudi



this is the same/similar bonoboism, no change

Has escaped the squalor of the hood to a rich white neighborhood.



Apparently even the owner of the house itself and who sold it to Cullors is also white. Zero support for black lives or black enterprise.

It seems that socialism is a very fake ideal. Also she has million dollar deals lined up with warner bros as well as several book publishers. The citizens of Portland and Seattle should sue her ass for all the damage to property that her organisation has caused.

Black on the outside but white on the inside.


:D:D banae

@Kennedy Maina kindly prepare a statement repudiating these wild, erroneous, misleading and racist allegations from Qanon.


:D:D alafu hawa watu wanaambiwa ordinary blacks kwa hood vile systemic racism is making them poor. These race hustlers are just as bad as the whitemen they love to demonize.

@T.Vercetti = @kipuke = @patco = Takataka ghaseer homosexual dog.

Njaruo no need to be triggered just calm down. Put down the boulder. Put down the elongated prepuce that you are using as a slingshot.

@Abba is the Chairman of BLM in Africa and the Gulf region.

Upuss … Ya’ll wanted her to buy in the inner ghetto’s.

Prepuce: The fold of skin that covers the head of the penis. Also known as the foreskin

She was calling for the police to be defunded and continuously contributed to the running of the ghetto business … knowing very well that “she would buy her security.” Kama huoni shida na hiyo we can conclude thinking sio ya kila mtu :D:D

Every black person, once they’ve made it in life runs from the hood. The hood is a place you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy so good for her. :smiley:

Isn’t the issue riding on the backs of her fellow blacks by selling them the “systemic racism” narrative knowing very well her goal was to profit from it?