BREAKING : Black Lives Matter FOUNDER buys million dollar home in a WHITE neighborhood!

Well, they’re fools and fools can’t be helped. You don’t need a PhD to know that BLM is a scam. BLM is lIke the mafia, it’s a vehicle used to shake down companies or cities which violate the #woke manifesto in exchange for cash. See, most things in this world boil down to money, coz everyone is hungry for it. Crying about racism can be very lucrative nowadays! These ladies much as I don’t agree with using black pain for selfish gain, saw an opportunity and run with it.

everyone in the world upgrades akipata pesa not just blacks


The uncle Ruckus’s and Charles Njonjo’s really came out for her.
Makes you see them clearly and the low key white racists.

Given a chance I guarantee you would do the same … wacha kutubeba ufala.

Devoid of proper structure, women are incapable of leading society because they are super self-serving. BLM is just an emotional mess. nothing close to the civil rights movement.

I wouldn’t generalise like that, but I agree that BLM is an emotional rollercoaster . And the leaders, who happen to be women, are super self serving.

The other day we saw activist Maya Echols, a black woman, prime black folk for more violence if Chauvin verdict doesn’t go as she wants.

Of course loafers in the hood will not mind another chance to get flat screens etc in the looting that follows violence.


Just, wow. It’s easy for her to talk of burning businesses because she’s never built anything in her life. She doesn’t know the struggle.

Whats the fuss about buying a house…people should mind their business…blm is against police brutality maybe she did it with her own money.

The are no laws prohibiting benefiting from idiots.

That Njaruo is my friend,dont finish him,i need him to keep reminding me that my tribe sucks

When you thought we are at the end of human stupidity then something comes up to remind us that indeed, idiocy and stupidity are infinite.

@Purple, @ChifuMbitika, @T.Vercetti kam hia… :D:D:D:D

What’s the Big Deal?

The BLM Boss is our agent to spy on whites in their neighborhood and report to us.


Are you serious ?? You think that just because the Commie News Network is silently complicit in foisting the greatest political hoax of all time, that all is well?

Chances is that she couldn’t resist white dicck.

Aarh Papo

I have never understood why people expect pastor’s and activists to be poor.

Black neighborhoods are dangerous especially for women. Why do you expect them to stay in the ghetto to prove their allegiance. MLK, Prophet Elijah Mohammed, prophet Louis Farakhan and even Malcolm X did not live in the projects.

BTW I have never really supported these guys but if you find a house that you like it’s not wrong to buy it because it’s in a white neighborhood. Segregation is a form of racism incase you didn’t know. What example would they be setting if they moved to a rat infested inner city ghetto? They are leading by example that black lives matter enough for them to live in a million dollar home.

These guys risked life and limb for the movement. They deserve that house and even better. How many cops do you know who have been prosecuted b4 BLM?

If you are looking for perfection and 100% integrity you won’t find it on earth much less with a pair of lesbians. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water. The black community has made strides thx to BLM. Let’s not be uncle Toms nitpicking on everything that is wrong with BLM.

People who are activist deserve to have the best. These are the people who risk everything while you sit at home and enjoy your Chai latte. Without feminists we would not be able to own property, go to school, travel and even vote. Yet after enjoying the benefits the activist struggled to get for you, here you are are throwing shards at them. Human beings are very ungrateful creatures.

Systemic racism is real. Very real. If you and a white person with lower grades and credit than you apply for a job or mortgage, guess who will get it? Lack of funding for schools in the hood, has caused education to deteriorate, even Prof Thomas Sowell who grew up in Harlem admits that had he grown up in the modern Harlem he would not have had the opportunities he had bcz of the poor education, technical courses which blacks were very good at were scraped. Everything that gives upward mobility and inter generational wealth is skewed against black Americans.

Why add “WHITE Neighborhood.” K wani kuna “rich black Neighborhood” pale yunared stes? Sijawahi skia million dollar home in black Neighborhood.

Did you expect her to continue living with hoodrats after kuomoka kama B. Mwangi vyenye hutumia vichwa maji kurusha mawe alafu anaendea check jioni?

Creepy Joe is just a lethargic, senile demented fossil. He doesn’t even remember he is the USA president. No wonder the deafening silence from the White House.