so, will you change your riot song from anti GEMA dominance to Anti Kalenjin dominance? i had predicted this next propaganda. please keep holding your breath, the hand might just fall



Kama mkono haukuanguka Den Haag, hauanguki kesho. :smiley:

:):)i know, that’s why am telling them to hold their breath:D:D


jamaa alikua anuanda questions zake akijijibu

I would have done the same if I was in the IG shoes.Never ever admit that your direct reports have failed, you will be accused of incompetence. Sometimes I pity our officers and agree that they are also human,like me personally if I get to meet @uwesmake or @Wakanyama I will use excessive force never seen before in Kenya.

Ndiyo sababu nilikupea like. Rudishanga mkono… :wink:

Interviewing heads of institutions didn’t start with linus and IG…in fact even the president gets interviewed in the media


Have you ever seen an interview by the police spokesman Charles Owino? He often intimidates the hosts and answers what he wants not what they are pushing him to.

Wewe unafikiria tv inaonekana kwa hio 14" triniton yako pekeyake

Boinett was evasive but Linus was too sensational, he even had the cheek to ask the IG (while chuckling) if he is even non-partisan and whether the Nairobi Business Community look like ‘businessmen’!

So what are you implying?

Why shouldn’t he ask him?

Cheza chini buda … Kabla nikuchape sweep na kibare urudi kwa baba teke teke.

My guess is that he went there as a PR exercise to defend the police against the recent public outcry but he failed miserably. The sadness of life is that we as Kenyans have become so divided and everything including police brutality is being politicized. Watching the students who had been injured, one of them was a shiny eye and chances are high that he was not demonstrating but he still got clobbered.
Use of excessive force by our police is something evil and we should all stand up against it because tomorrow it might be you or a close one on the receiving end of a police baton. And are these not the same police who are killing themselves every week?

He should have said they are investigating it and whoever is found culpable will face the law (ata kama ni PR) instead of trying to deny facts.

the truth is that policemen in Kenya live miserable lives, have a lot of stress. a policeman will either kill you or commit suicide.
they are misused because they are not enlightened. huge security budgets but paid peanuts,

kaikai alikuwa anajaribu to pin the guy without giving him a chance to answer, boinett was restraining himself alikuwa amejam sana