What a weak response.

I find Kaikai distasteful; openly bias and a very poor journalist. I sometimes wonder how it is he rose in his career? Brown paper envelopes? He was condescending, Loudly Prolific; chuckling and asking whether they are business men… I love how IG put him in His place… Miserable for answers and totally desperate for legitimacy in media. Its no wonder Muthamamaki told him to shove it wit his presidential debates sham, and now IG. Itafika time no one will ever go for his interviews…

Mimi pia huwa sijibu maswali za ujinga.

sawa mkubwa

Get your head out of muthamaki’s ass and wake up and smell the coffee. Did you want Linus to side with Boinnet and worship Muthamaki?


I like my head where it is thank you… Maybe you should be advising Linus (and yourself) not to suck too loudly Kifaranga ya Kortis phallus. He either joins politricks or remains an unbiased journalist. Juniors outshine him when doing such ineviews :eek::eek:

Ineviews ni nini sasa? See you have an IQ problem. Media should never be friends with the government as they play a watch dog role.

Nyonya pole pole ssshhhhhhhhhhhhh


Uko na pepo punda kwa mcoondu. Meffi ya Boinnet

Watchdog role does not mean they be enemies. They should examine issues objectively.

Hiyo ngamia haijui watchdog ni nini and you will get a headache trying to explain to him what that means… Wacha anyonye phallus pole pole peke yake. His ignorance is Bliss

You are a reasonable man…in which part do you think he was unreasonable, please do tell.

You noticed? :D:D:D:D:D alafu he blames his cold.
Boinnet alichapa jana sana. He had a chance to PR but failed miserably. Couldn’t answer any question.

ati Lesuuda tibim! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

kaikai ni meffi, any reasonable person shouldn’t entertain his nonsense. didn’t watch his interview tho’ was busy wanking to Gladys boss sholei on cord tv…she can gerrit vibaya sana!

Obfuscation is a PR tool too…especially if you are responding to a hostile interviewer intentionally asking leading questions so as to have you entangling yourself so you look bad. It’s the fallback short of walking off the set…or throwing a shoe:)

Upussie kama wewe ni student ingia shule usome mambo ya demonstration achia idlers na tingod worshipers kama akina @coldpilsner(ktalk all time coward),@Kush yule mnono(stick to Hekayas politics zinakutoa mafuta) ,@zzzzzzz…(RWNEBP! next handle please) ,@Eng’ti(Safisha sisi mecho), @Abba(ktalk hypocrite from Teso Land), @culture( sniffin ODM chafua mecho fish stench panties), @Illuminated and @hunningale.

He he he he