Who watched?

Naona twirra handle ya Murkomen imewaka moto, masweep tu.

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IG was defiant ,you can’t bring him down. He has the same script with Ruto

Rudi kwa kisiagi ungojee Dj Afro aifanye remix

He really flopped. Looks like he was unprepared for the interview or he was trying to defend the indefensible.

He refused to be pinned down by Linus Kaikai. He’s a former NIS boss, did you sincerely expect him to be bamboozled by that Naswa leaning activist.

It is a total disrespect police who are recruited to Kiganjo with fake, weak D- grades to intimidate elites. IG alinibore sana, he responded cowardly

hizi ndo wakati @spear atakwambia hakuona tv jana alikua huko turkana akitafuta jubilee development.
by the way spear what can you say about IG?

These interviews are just for character assassination. If you have no quick brain or witty responses you’ll be brought down. I remember when Ndii was being interviewed and he butchered that lady on National tv. Miguna and Matsanga are just loud mouths from birth. So the IG is a dundee head who should not have gone for the interview. He does not owe tv show a favor.

The IG was evasive to all the questions thrown at him. To me, he came out as a MOFO. Just shows how in Kenya we lack accountability and most of this security chiefs lack the brains to occupy this sensitive office.

Hehehe anybody with a brain now knows the person running the police department Not the gentle man Uhuru, I pity my central brothers, please note that this are typical mannerisms of Rift brothers. Also note that you are their historical enemies…

Ni hali ya kazi. Pia yeye anajua what he said was bullshit

Kaikai alikuwa na archives ya clips lakini Boinett akakaa ngumu.
Boinet osungu.dll ilikataa kuload though

So you want the IG to accept on national tv that his officers used excessive force in dealing with protestors??

Qatar unpata national tv.

Like always, twitter ni ya ODM 87.3 percent! However, RWNEBP!

Even if he was prepared there is no way he would have been able to defend the police against the accusation of killing 9 yr old and 5 month old children during the NASA protest.

Vindu vichenjaga.!!

‘Elites’ wanafaa waambiwe wawache kurusha mawe.

Unajua Internet ni nini??

Uwanga nini?..