I have been talking to fellow colleagues and I was thinking of getting an imported BMW x1 or Rvr, am looking at long-term usage. Am looking for comfort, durability and class. My experience with the two is minimal. What would you go with and why. Thanks :smiling_face::smiling_face:

Vaite wa jaba ashafungua? Mimi na wait

How old is the x1? An old X1 itakupea shida hadi usote. Also, X1 mzee (before 2015) ni sura mbaya sana…Anyway, the RVR is kind of mediocre…try other options such as the outlander, vanguard or crv…

Oooh, i forgot…add Subaru Forester gen 4> model (after 2014) here

Usage yako ndio itaamua gari utanunua.

Ongeza Mazda Cx5 kwa iyo list.

wakenya hukua na shida gani? mnaambiwa choices ni mbili mnaongezea yenyu enye haikua option, anyway jibu yangu RVR its maintenance costs ziko chini pia availability ya spares, kumbuka kununua gari haikuangi shida, after purchase costs ndio hulemea watu

Sasa mwenzetu anunue a shitty car?? Both options suck…

we are free thinkers

X1 give it a monthly running cost of 75 k per month ,for 1200 km a month distance.Rvr give it a monthly running cost of 30_35 k per month for 1200 km a month distance

a car will always be shitty to someone ata hizo umetaja, good thing we dont buy cars to impress people.

Sikusema shitty in terms of class…stop projecting your insecurities you faggot


C X 5

Which SUV would you recommend with the best monthly running costs and durable

Why are they not the best, based on the resale, or durability or what?

What do you mean? Hizi ni costs za kufanya nini na nini???

Honda hr v .

Maintenance,tyres,fuel and insurance.

Honda crv na Forester… Forester is a bit thirsty but you can abuse it na bado itakuserve poa…crv is a bit cheaper on the maintenance but haufai kuimiza sana…will also serve you well