Ongeza pesa get the outlander if it has to be a Mitsubishi. If you go German get a new one

Elaborate how you arrived at these figures

nashangaa sana pia…Take X1 and get all your requirements

Fuel, insurance ,tire cost , maintenance cost and depreciation cost.

Kwani insurance yake unalipia monthly?
Tires inamaliza na mwezi
Mainteinance gani?kama ni service sio monthly?

:D:D:D:D:D…inaitwa budgeting ,my fren ,you budget properly to always have money for MAINTENANCE and not REPAIRS .Rule of thumb , always have 5% of the value of the new car as running costs,and you will always have a mechanically sound car , anything less na utalilia kwa choo .

Kwani how are you driving two full tanks to cost you 75k?

Car cost goes beyond fueling a car.75 k is an cumulative amount or fuel, insurance , tyres and maintenance/ repairs,think in a holistic way .

Still, you can’t incur maintenance costs amounting to 75k per month. Unless you drive the car in quarry

My question still remains …how do you drive the car for a month to cost you 75k?

Hii no total cost of running the car ,kwani gari zenu hazikunywi mafuta ,tyres,

Hii ni total cost of running the car ,petrol, insurance ,maintenance and repair s and depreciation cost,gari no garama my fren.

Cars have hidden costs that many car owners rarely account for ,vitu kama parking,car wash ,tip ya parking boys , police “greetings”.

Still 75k is way above the normal cost of running a 2000cc capacity vehicle

Mimi napiga hesabu ya dualis / qashqai 2011
Gari nikipatana na bumps naanza kusweat hapana

The BMW X1 is a BMW, that means expensive spares, timing chain issues that risk bricking your motor and electric gremlins here and there, I hear they also like blowing their gaskets. The RVR in my opinion has nothing going for it except the engine, it is the same block used on the EVO X and the gallant fortis ralliart, that means it will last long and will be reliable. You can also add forced induction without a rebuild if such is your fancy. I’d argue the CX5/Forester/RAV4 but for with your options i’d pick the RVR

wachana na hesabu kama hizi

Much better

4th generation fozzy (from 2013 models) has a good fuel consumption infact ni kama premio 1800cc

A suv with less than 2000cc ni mkebe tupu