Black man chased outta neighborhood by a MAGA soldier.Things are escalating so fast for him..


Blacks wame enda protest inje ya nyumba. Not so brave now…

Mdosi ako aware




@Sambamba mbona wewe hujifanya mkikuyu and clearly wewe ni njaruo cousin of Obama Barry senator and lover of the Democratic Party?

I am 105% sure that your njaruo sister the one whom you said works as a nurse in the U.S of A, voted for Biden.

I am also 125% sure that she is member of BLM and that she sent you the Tshirt and the hat which you proudly wear around the streets of Kilileshwa. She probably threw in the BLM calender plus Kamala Harris’s assorted merchandise.

Now having said that, hio bonobo black America irudishwe kwao Minneapolis. Wanachoma kwao halafu wanakimibia Republican zones. I feel nothing for those assholes, fuck em!

He looks like an antifa spy who was sent over to start problems. Whatever these fuckers are looking for they’ll soon gerrit.

Patco. I know after posting this message, the first thing you’ll comment about is my dick and foreskin. Suit yourself. But I gotta ask, why you gotta suck white nigga’s dicks so much? Are you aware majority of them are uncircumcised?? Now look at your teeth, it’s stained by smegma from sucking too much dick

Turns out that this black boy is only 16. When a reference is made about a young black person it is, young man lakini for white people ingekua he is a teenager/child

Nilisoma mahali black person akiomoka ahamie hood poa white people start moving out. @Purple how true is that?

Pia nilisoma article fulani ya UK daycare wakati wa lunch black kids get served last. It was a very disturbing article. There were cctv stills to confirm the allegations.

Heard the same too and it is exactly what was running on my mind when I watched this video. Was wondering whether whites would be hostile to their blacks neighbours

On the other side of the coin, white farmers namaliswa South Efrika. Wanaishi in post-election mode fulltime.

US of A has a thing called Eminent law which serikali without flinching inanyakua nyumba yako na kukulipa fair market price for it. This law has however been misused by predominantly white neighborhoods to kick out nywele ngumu. You can google the sad story of how Manhattan Beach used eminent domain laws to seize the Bruce family’s land - The first black to own a beach front home in the area.

There is the other case where the neighbourhood association ilihamisha bus stop away from nyumba ya nywele ngumu just to frustrate them as there kids would have to walk a long way to access the bus. In this case nywele ngumu sued the association and won. The extremist in the neighbourhood waliuza nyumba zao na kuleft group one by one.

Hautawai acha kulamba matako??

Its true and its called “white flight”.

Blacks are like those pestering women ambao hawaachani chali wakitemwa.Why do we black people always insist on going where we are not wanted? Why? Kama hutakiwi mahali kwa nini unakazana kuenda huko? Hii ni kama kuwa parasite ama vermin! Is like being a buzzing mosquito kusumbua mtu akilala. Blacks should leave white neighborhoods alone wajenge zao.

What do you propose? Basi wachapane hii shida itatuliwe. Kiti waliiba last year but it seems it wasn’t enough, they want something else, maybe a civil war part 2. The first civil war ran from 1861 to 1865 with close to a million dead.

Si ni uchokozi tu. Chenye wanadai naona wakipewa.

Do you know that Biden called George Bush yesterday about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan ati coz he doesn’t consider Trump a President or a ranking Republican. Oh boy these people are really pushing it.

Si black Americans wako na hood zao where they don’t allow anyone in including Africans!

Simply because when they riot they will come for you the outsider. Waliachiwa hadi Detroit mzima na wameshindwa nayo. Black Americans cannot live next door to Latinos or Vietnamese or Italians or Philipinos or Chinese or even Koreans. Truth be told no one wants them around. It’s nothing personal. Heck even African immigrants don’t get along with African Americans! Why??? How comes???

Are you saying that kila race ingine ndio mbaya and they are wrong and that black Americans are the only good guys or rather right in this debate na ati wanaonewa na KILA MTU? They don’t want to accept that maybe they are the ones with the problem instead they always play victim.

History also shows that the white man comes to destroy any good thing that the black man builds as evidenced by the Tulsa race massacre. So that’s a good strategy, muthungu akazane kujenga, nyeuthi aingie ku-contaminate, then all the racist whites move out, giving other minorities the chance to move in, and so on and so forth.

ooh yeah men…tight-knit community ni leafy surburbs ama:D

sisi hapa kayole izi shida hatutambui

Ndio maana ninasemanga in US blacks are on their own. Kama hio story umesema ya manhattan: that’s a Democrat area.

Lakini kusema tu ukweli, ata mimi hapa Roysambu nikiona sura sijazoea the first instinct huwa huyu labda ni mwizi, na Roysa ni kama choo, ghaseer yoyote inakubaliwa kupita. So I understand how a negro in such a white neighborhood would stand out. Swali ni, do they treat even white strangers like that, or did they just decide to eject the black boy?

Huyo Mzungu Mjeshi is right now facing charges of Third Degree Assault