Black Man Beats 6 Foot Tall Mzungu Neanderthal into submission.

So some white supremacist was attacking a black woman and a black man beat his ass into submission.

Funniest shit I’ve ever seen - Waiting to hear how @TrumanCapote will try to lick his balls.

Even when her white daddy is clearly attacking her fellow black woman.

Anyways ,enjoy the action:


instant karma mara hio hio…

The black biach started the fight from what I see. All three should see the inside of a prison cell.

Go coon somewhere else - malaya wewe.

hii ndio wanaitanga kichapo cha mbwa mskitini

:D:Dat the end she says he need an ‘Ambulam’


She was completely disgombogulated.

Malaya ni mama yako


Something that I won’t get involved in. You don’t know the source but you just jump in. What if the guy had a gun and pulled a trigger on the black man?

Ile siku gun will be banned in America. All tv and Hollywood film will be bankrupt. We will be entertained by American through their chokosh brawl. American have anger issues.

more like fragile egos

The black dude is a lion respect

A primitive society is where violence is prevalent and the main means of resolving disputes.

Angemalisia hio ghaseer

:D:Dso ni mafuta tuu… hamna muscle

White supremacist? Ama ni views anatafuta

Niaje mungiki ya Nyahururu

Nice one.

Black panther wasn’t playing