Black Man Beats 6 Foot Tall Mzungu Neanderthal into submission.

Always going for the jugular (his face)


It’s idiots like you who are why we were colonized in the first place.

Other races are disrespectful towards us,judge us ,insult us ,compare us to apes and when we fight back they call us violent.

Call me violent - I really don’t care.I’m waiting for some Mzungu/Chinese/Indian/Arab to try me so I can go MauMau on their ass.

Some of you need to stop being such cucks and pussies.

Without weapons Mzungu is just a weak ass cunt

Hao wazungu everything they have wamechukua cause of violence. Ona kama the legendary bidenstan kila siku vita kila siku kusupport coups but you’ll never hear media calling them violent. Instead wanaitwa patriotic.

How now ? Clearly the obese jungu was raining blows on her . C’mon man !

Dude you’re a coward !

The White man got where he is becuase of violence. He enslaved Africans and stole land from Native Americans and Aboriginal Australians using violence. So isnt the white man also primitive?


Maliza hii Mzungu worshipping cuck.

Jamaa imepewa beating hadi ikaitisha time out

amemaliswa hapo mwisho amepigwa chuma ya kichwa

Many are typing while lounging in the mzungu god country. Stop complaining

Unaanzaje kupiga dem mangumi…big up to the black dude…alirudisha hio neanderthal white baboon back to stoneage one blow at a time.