Black Friday Tech deals

Its that time of the year when we buy cool gadgets at favorable prices. Good Friday is here folks, and the deals this year are tantalizing. If you find a good deal online share the link with fellow villagers here.

To start off here is one for laptops and such.

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Cheki hii



That is a killer deal right there

Not bad. Though the 60Hz refresh rate & 110/120v mains power kinda rules it out for me.

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It’s very inconveniencing to use a 110v device in Kenya. You have to buy an adaptor/transformer.

As for the 60Hz refresh rate, I guess Luther12 is a gamer

Asiii!!! Mukamba ii mambo ya voltage na Hz ulisomea wapi!!


Ukifika form 3, utasoma kwa physics


Coz you’ll have to get a transformer to step down our 220/240v to the 110/120v for your device. And even when you get the best, there’s no guarantee it’ll work flawlessly.

Refresh rate comes into play when working with scenes with a lot of movement, be they games or movies e.g car chases, people walking or running, etc. The higher, the better.

Na sijui kwa nini haina Energy-Star rating.

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What about the colour system pal ntsc secam etc si it itafika halafu ionyeshe black and white?

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Yes, that’s something else one should always check when buying American tvs. The color system (PAL/NTSC/SECAM/etc) as well as the integrated digital tv tuners (they use ATSC while we use DVB-T2). That’s why I’d rather buy from souq who also have White Friday deals running till Sunday.

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more like Black Friday Fake deals

Out there they’re real. Nimezitumia sana the last 2-3yrs. Hapa Kenya lakini sijawahi.
going through this apart from the 3ds for the kids 99$ i haven’t got much yet(ps know that 3ds has custom firmware unlocks available)

Converter ya elfu moja Kenya shillings ndio unaita tx? just buy a simple coverter i have several. also all modern TVs can shuffle between American NTSC and Kenya’s PAL so refresh rate is not an issue. Even the decoders have that ability nowadays.

But kuungua huwa ni rahisi sana have 2 xbox 360 dead thanks to black outs n 1 blu ray system ilichapa. Shida ni Kenya Power hata surge protector inakufa thanks to their impromptu black out hapa niko transformer imexplode like 4 times in 3 months.

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Eti convertor? I talked of a transformer. And yes, in speaking from experience with some JBL subs. Stress tupu.

Refresh rate has little to do with NTSC/PAL.

I’m yet to come across an ATSC/DVB-T2 decoder.

refresh rate aliingiza aje hapa I know tht for gamers inasaidia na input lag visual rendering and particle effects so how is this associated with power unless we talking about gpuz

Let me give you an expert answer. kuchomeka ni ngumu if you have a good adapter. If you’re shipping from the u.s. you can find a simple Jensen convertor online. Just don’t plug an American tv directly intoKenya’s 240v power, itaungua after a while.

I have been receiving american gadgets for many years. In the 90s the TVs used to have a small dial at the back for 120/240V. Some Sony radios still have those. Then you also had to buy a plug for our British style Wall sockets. Americans have those round pin or slim metal pin sockets. Today you just buy a simple convertor and you’re safe whether it’s an American hair dryer or even an American toaster. And the relatives do come with a lot of those including American smart phones. I have a friend who came back to Kenya with all his electronics and they work perfectly.

Now for refresh rates it’s not a big deal. in America electricity is transmitted at 60hz and in the early days of tv that meant 60 fields per second or 30 frames per second tv broadcast (2 fields make a frame). Today because of HDTV and 4K broadcast these modern TVs can broadcast higher framerates but most cameras still shoot 30 frames per second in America (NTSC) or 25 frames per second (PAL) in Kenya since Kenya’s electricity is 50herz signal. So that Toshiba tv is perfect for all tv shows and news broadcasts.

As concerns very high end games you just lower the resolution in the games settings and you are good.

Now some movies in Hollywood are being shot digitally on 4K cameras at 120 frames per second which is perfect for 4k TVs. But most films and TV shows are still shot at 24 frames per second which can cause some milky effect on some 4k TVs. When someone turns the clothes live mists but it’s rare since most movies are broadcast TV ready and most DVD players are still 50 or 60 herz anyway.

You kidding right…

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