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Back in the day I happened across some powered subs from there, rated I think 120v 60Hz 2A. A simple 220/240v-110/120v convertor wouldn’t work (inachoma fuse kila saa, something about sine wave blah blah). Decided to get a 1000w 220/240c-110/120v transformer and problem persisted. Eventually niliziweka kando hadi nipate someone to rewind the internal transformer to allow it to use 220/240v directly.

Otherwise if I need any gadget running on mains, unless it’s rated to use both 120v and 240v, then I’d opt to stick with Europe or the ME as source markets and epuka these conversion headaches. But that’s just me.

When people talk about 4k most tv stations in Kenya are still in 720 interlaced that is 50, 1280 by 720 pixel fields broadcasted in an interlaced format. I think KBC hata ni 576 interlaced bado. So you don’t fully utilize even that ten year old Samsung in your sitting room.

So wacha hata 4k hata hatujaingia HD format in Kenya. DSTV ndio imeingia HD juzi whereas HD has been around sincethe mid 2000s and in Japan as far back as the 90s. And the broadcasters have to recoup the money they invest in new technology before buying new technology. So if they just bought HD equipment lazima ijilipe kwanza kabla waanze 4K. And most people in the world anyway still have analogue tv sets.

In fact even Americans haven’t fully adopted HD which is way lower than 4K. 4k is known as ultra high definition or UHD. which is 4000 pixels across by 2000 pixels height, a massive amount of data to transmit. And the Japanese are already talking of 8k. They’ll jump from HD directly to 8K. Basically it’s just over kill since the human eye can only percieve so much light and saturation. And imagine how much power such TVs will consume in a world with limited resources.

Even 4k is still only available in movie or game form. Or in high end smart phones like the camera in the I phone which you never even notice that much. Inajaza tu memory. The military in any country uses 40 to 60% of transmission bandwidth. Because Japan after 2nd WW never had an army or was not allowed to have an army, that’s why they could adopt high definition broadcast signals ahead of everyone else. Right now they are considering going straight to 8K broadcast transmissions. waruke 4K waende straight to 8K.

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[SIZE=4]YUUUGE confusion here i don even know where to start.What are you talking about refresh rate or fraps[/SIZE]

This i don’t even know wtf! u getting at here am completely still recovering from all the shit u just said.

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This guy is trolling me …

Enyewe hapa ndio unajua wenye walipata Physics A - and above. I got a B+ na sishiki any.



Even simple google searches will give you the answers you seek, but I’m telling you from a position of knowing what the hell I’m talking about. Maybe like most people you can’t connect that for you to use a 4k TV you must first acquire 4k footage. And refresh rates are just a fancy word for frame rates. You just double or tripple the frame rates for better resolutions. Modern Digital cameras do that efficiently because they use very complex sensors. In the very old days acquiring those 60 fields or 30 frames was pure science fiction. Those men were pure geniuses. The cathode ray tube is a real feat of science.



Okay refresh rate aren’t frames per second per say when it comes to multimedia.These things translate a lil bit differently from elec. Elec wise I don know much but frames per second(FRAPS) is locked by the developers engine thats y i was like u r confused. You lower resolution to get higher frame rates. Pin that a side.OKay refresh rate this we usually talk about is the rate at which the pojecting device acquires data so its locked by the the manufacturer. Now you can lower your game get higher frame rate but your refresh rate will be the same so you can get 120 fraps but your screen refresh rate is locked at 60hz you get now.Thats y gamers buy screens for higher refresh rate for less input lag. I think you think they are the same thing but sorry kiddo they ain. One is developer side the other is on the manufacturer side. So ukiwa na game iko na fraps ka 120 n your screen is locked 60hz u get your ass kicked online while playing cuz some1 might be using a screen with a higher refresh rate than yours he suffers no input lag,his particle effects are coming into focus faster all that shabang thats y your Tv’s come with Game mode to try and push the image as first as possible cuz in games this can make a small but vital difference in a multiplayer match.
Why am i even bothering just look down their on your search why you think that shit exist fraps and refresh rates are two different things period tusi argue

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Luther, mimi huchapisha hizi burungo hadi kwa toaster za hao wageni na hua haziungui. Couldn’t find the jensen convertor. Anyway I dont know about your JBLs you probably need something with more ooomph. Hadi hair dryers, Imacs just put one of these even the cheaper brands work.

Here i had to google at least for those who wont get me please read here so do you @perewttyw w w … i constantaly tell people get your shit together. hata kidogo will go a long way plus am very bad person when it comes to explaining these as i said i never put much any effort in anything i do am an

Sawa boss but you’re just repeatnig what I’ve written. If you were playing on a Screen locked at 60 herz or 6o frames per second then definitely if you play a game rated at 120 herz or 120 frames per second definitely there’ll be picture lag. Hence you’d need to lower the game resolution or disable some features in the game to enjoy the expierince OR buy a screen that can play 120 frames per second or more.
Hakuna mambo na electronics au multimedia are different. A frame remains a frame. And games are also projected in 2K or 4K pixel formats. The people who develop games use the same technology filmmakers use in effects and animation. Believe me I know what I’m talking about. Motion capture is the same everywhere and frames per second are still frames per second.

Why are you trying to lie … why oh lord tell me this now why!!!

Both converter

and transformer


didn’t do the job for me.

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Same shit for my xbox 360 + surge protector and extension cable from europe all that is useless against black outs.

@Deorro @jimmy_m @TerribleWaste anybody please nisaidie nashikwa na kisunzi huku

Hii argument ni about 4k Tv’s or pc monitors? Juu kuna some type of difference between em

Luther with all due respect hizo nini zako zinakaa river road. Afadhali ungeambia huyo alikuletea JBL akuje na converter. And what was the wattage of those JBLs? Your converter there is only 1000Watts kama ulienda kuchapisha ile Subwoofer ya 5,000 ama 10,000 watts kwa hio kitu ya River road then too bad.
You’ve said your JBLs were rated 2Amperes, that converter I’ve posted can handle 8Amps.
From what I inderstand if your gadget is rated at 600W then get a 1200W converter. As you can see my small converter there, small as it is is rated at 2000Watts. But it’s for laptops, driers, smart phones etc I wouldn’t plug it on one of those massive Fridges from the U.S.
But for that Toshiba TV on this thread I think it would work quite well. Ama utafute hako kanaitwa Jensen converter.
Screwplus kwani hio Xbox yako haina voltage selector hapo nyuma?

on this one, wacha niende nitafute kiti nikae paleeee ------------------------------------------------------------> kama NV

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