Biz For Low Income Person

what is the best business venture for someone willing to invest 30k max and get honorable returns, by honorable I mean something to help one manage the basic needs (rent, food, fare and clothing) and at the same time managing to plough something back to the biz to grow and sustain it

Depends on many factors:
[li]how much time do you have in your hands[/li][li]where do you want the business to be located[/li][li]do you want instant returns or are you willing to watch it grow[/li][/ul]

Join fb group inaitwa business ideas 101, lakini hio doh nikidogo.Maybe marimari na kuuza such things za hawker.

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Build a simple chicken coop, buy one cock and five hens all kienyeji and increase your breeding stock gradually…

find my reply above

what time frame are we looking at here?

how much do u reckon will accord some decent returns?

uko na shamba, iko na maji?


Atleast 100k

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that’s way too much!!! ok, assuming savings na mikopo might get me the 100k, which biz wud u recommend?

are you employed and if yes in which sector? because most biz you would do with that cash ni zile za kujifanyia wewe mwenyewe

find people who want to sell old furnitures in estates like umoja and rongai, buy them at 2-3k each especially sofa set and tables. Transport them with a truck (you may charged 4k) to a slum like kibera and kwa njenga and sell them at 4-8k. But you will need a mabati store where you will be selling them, probably it will cost you 8k becoz of deposit. As you grow you can start selling fridge, tv and cookers


Kuja nikupatie 10 FTA decoders. Go to the remotest village in Kenya and sell at 3.5k each. Come for more. Repeat until you make a million.

Good idea.

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I like your thought son…

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Nice but i become your salesman ama im getting them for free

You buy in bulk at wholesale prices. That’s how I understand it.

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This is tricky cause maybe people in those remote villages don’t tambua “x brand” they want “y brand” Ikose D.C.=dead stock. With that price you can’t sell to a wholesaler= time consuming. Transport?

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Academic writing kama uko sawa. This is a risky business too but worth it.

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