Biz For Low Income Person

This is the trick for success mashinani. The decoders have DC option.

I noticed there’s a lot of misinformation about digital migration. I migrated a certain couple in kinangop and in appreciation (besides paying 3800) wakanipatia jogoo. The couple thought they needed another tv and pay 1000 montly

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FYI, the wholesale price for a crystal view ac/dc is 3200. My Scantech T2-601are far much superior to crystal view.

How is this risky?

Kwanza fafanua academic writing i am thinking kufanyia MBA students assignments and projects

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You are right. Except that these academic assignments are mostly for students in the UK and US who either don’t have the time or a clue… The academic writer is basically a freelancer who charges some fee in USD

I also agree with academic writing. But you will have to be very patient to reach the very top. Na jitayarishe kufanya aptitude for you to get an account. Sio kama kitambo

eti aptitude tena? wacha hiyo ikae! na biz ya small hoteli hivi? how is the capital n returns?

how much can one get in terms of Kenyan money,through essay writing?

how much can one earn from academic writing,let’s assume if it’s two essays in a week?

Depends on the number of pages you write not just the number of essays. e.g you can write one dissertation and get paid more than a person who wrote five 2page essays. Don’t know the current market price. In addition, the urgency of the paper is also factored in the price.

Yes, aptitude. When I was in campo, my 2 of pals registered several accounts. Those days there was no aptitude. Ile pesa they make on average would make a middle company CEO jealous

Okay. Wacha niwajibu about academic writing na case study. I have been in this industry for long na sitoki soon.
I buy an account each low season at between 30-120k depending with the quality. Low season ni saa zile mastudents wa Stato na UK wako vacation. I employ a form 4 leaver wa kutake orders (assignments) on full time basis from the start of peak season namlipa kama 6k per month, i feed and house him. His role ni kutake na kuassign writers na kukua online for customer chat. I recruit writers, students wa campo about 10 of them for each account at between 200/- and 250/- per page depending na experience. This runs throughout the peak season which coincides na semesters za campo za Kenya. On average, each account makes about 2500-3000usd per fortnight, so its about 5000 to 6000usd per month. from this i pay my writers which average around 40% of this money. Paypal takes its 3.4%, Mwangi wa Equity anakula 1.5% yake, io ingine unaniachia. The last time i withdrew via paypal to Equity, dollar ilikua inachezea 91.45 sijui kesho nikiwithdraw itakua ngapi. Hio ingine unaeza fanya hesabu.
Risk: you can blow your money in a second. Unaeza nunua account ifungwe in the next five minutes. You have to be very cautious. Writers can also mess you bigtime, so lazima uwalipe an uwe trustworthy. This industry runs on trust. If you expect someone to wake up at 2am to work on some paper, you have to reward his/her effort.
It is advisable to own more than one account to avoid pouching of writers juu pia wao wako kazi. na bills wanazo za kulipa
Kazi kwa vijana, pesa kwa wazee.

@aviator these decoders do they require a dish ama zinatumia aerial coz hio idea iko on point

am interested but ni kama niko sawa vipi?

These are digital terrestrial decoders (DVB-T2), not satellite decoders (DVB-S/S2).


Pyramid on the offing…

On the website I didn’t see even a single photo showing the back of the STB. Hebu upload mbisha moja hapa nione tafadhali.

They use normal aerial.

Would you explain further? With diagrams pls.