Bibi Amerudi

After a six-month hiatus, madam amerudi leo, with an attitude. As some of you might recall, she & I parted ways last year after she discovered that Enigma has a habit of chewing Luthuli momos. She had also raised concerns regarding my drinking. Anyway, leo I stumbled into my house at around 7:00pm. After entering is when I noticed the lights were on, and I always make sure to switch them off when leaving the house. I was a little tipsy.

I started making my way to the bedroom, when I heard a sound from the kitchen. Kuingia kitchen, madam was there, cleaning utensils and humming, as though it was just an ordinary day. She was wearing a short dress. Sikusema kitu, I just closed the distance between us, lifted her dress, then I unzipped and released my anaconda. Then I whispered to her, “hebu inua ndiasa vizuri.” Kumbe madam hakuwa amevaa suruali. Enigma’s anaconda slid in smoothly with no barrier, though it was a little dry and rough. After pumping for some seconds she started complaining of pain, so I dribbled a little bit of spit and continued. Eventually the position got too uncomfortable so I carried her to the bedroom and dropped her kwa kitanda. Then I spread her legs and stuffed my face between her legs. Enigma was going to eat her out. But that’s when a pungent odour hit me squarely on the nostrils with such force that I jerked my head back. A mixture of fecal matter and fish stew.

Since I didn’t want to offend her, I had to feign stomach ache. Huyu mumama nafukuza kesho.


Fukuza kabisa


Inshort mdauwo tunaeza kumbaliana unajua @Agwambo kwa undani?


What do you mean. Mimi ni Agwambo. I had to change my handle after wife discovered it.


Si ulishinda ukipiga denial apa.

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Tulia naona patco ako typing and deleting after me

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Huyo madam wako amelimwa huku nje mpaka amekuwa pipa. Huyo usiguze, fukuza ama upeleke yeye Lancet laboratories


Sorry to say, but she must be a very stupid woman.

Ladies please respect yourselves.

A drunkard like conman @Solomon_Serious has a penchant for engaging in unprotected sex with downtown sex workers - who also service makangas, chokoraas, pickpockets, thugs, and all sorts of sketchy characters. He has posted the evidence here on various occasions.

@Minomolokanyunja is the type of kyhii who will gladly sacrifice his rent and children’s school fees for 39 seconds of pleasure with ‘Ruth wa Amar’.

How can you refer to such a zombie as your husband?



Nimerudi bar saa hii I am drinking away the nasty smells. I am certain huyo mumama amekuwa akitombwa mbaya sana huko kwao ocha. I know for certain that two of my friends have smashed it.


Weh, @sokwemtu amemaliza kutwerk kwa uso yako?


Nipe number yake nisongeshe mileage
outer space vintage GIF by US National Archives


ungepea yeye time aoge kwanza before eating her out

Your wife anakuliwa nje. Kwani ulirudia pombe?

Ume sahau 2 can play the games. Chunga watoto wasibaki mayatima.



Reader beware. These are the rumblings of a mad kypii and there is a 99% chance this story never happened.


Sawa yenye alipewa na mganga to immobilise your dick and she applied to her punye will now begin to work.

Soon hiyo story ya lanye utakuwa unasoma hekaya tu

She would have washed away the mganga concoction which mganga had applied on her labia and pushed the rest inside with his deek

Kutoka leo nitaanza kumtomba mpalange tu


Hii hekaya was flowing well Buda hapo Kwa short dress ilikua imeshika noma , eating Dio imeleta shinda