Beard shaving.

Talkers help me here, I kinda of tired having to visit my kinyozi after every three or four days. I think the hygiene however much the guys try is not guaranteed, using those towels over and over plus the machines sterilization is not really very effective. Between buying Gillette and the hair removal creames, which is safer and will give me better results?

si upake ile dawa enye inafanyanga ndevu isime

Kuna dawa kama hiyo? Jina priss??

yeah… ninatry kuikumbuka…ni cream lakini… @Luther12 saidia kama unaijua

I like my beards and side burns hii mambo ya kutoa zote for ever not an option

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Tafuta shaver yenye haikati too close to the skin. Leaves a 5 o’clock beard

Suggest something.

Usitumie hizo removal creams nyoa ndevu na wembe kama mwanaume

Nunua machine ya kushave wahl is the best.


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Life is too short to go worrying about minor germs you pick here and there. At that rate, you’ll soon start fearing leaving your house without a mask and breathing the same air with the rest of us, but you know what… Utakufa tu!


Tumia Gillette but be prepared for pimples if you don’t shave in the proper way.

5.45pm ikifika ,pewa guinness mbili ,bill yangu

paka mkojo wa sungura

Why does he like dancing with young girls, swali tu.

Depilatory creams are not for everyone, hence the reason it’s recommended to do a patch test prior to use.

I’m not sure if electrolysis for permanent hair removal is available in Kenya, the one guy I recall had had it done outside the country.