Beard shaving.

Tumia veet. I started getting irritation and itchiness after kutumia shaving cream alafu last week when i was doing my monthly all body shave (futhi etc.) using veet cream nikasema kwani whats the worst that could happen if i tried veet on my face.It worked perfectly plus hakuna kutumia razor you just wash it off.





This pic is very disturbing

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Haha …lakini from your avator I guess they need a bit of dyeing…:rolleyes::rolleyes:

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Am a man. urembo ni ya nini. I dont have much facial hair though.

Is there a solution in the kenyan market to stop & reverse baldness?

Hiyo Vaseline ni ya nini?

No. The only fool proof treatment for baldness is hair transplant a lá Zidane & Rooney.

The last time I read the veet pre-caution it’s not supposed to be used on face hair

Its so hard to take you seriously with that avator!..heheheh… But, they also don`t recommend you use it on your genitals which beats its purpose!Everybody uses it for their pubes apart from jungu women with their hairy legs! Ni kama earbuds,they warn you not to insert the things into your ears nyef nyef,…
Its all desclaimers just to avoid getting sued by stupid people.

Ever heard of ‘off-label’ uses even for drugs?

Yeah I have

They had long clitted women in mind thus the warning.

Bitch alert :warning:


I haven’t watched it yet.

There is a guy who does it in Riverside.Hairtransplant as well.