Bamburi hotel on fire

[SIZE=4]Indiana and Bamburi Beach Hotels in Mombasa on fire[/SIZE]
By Mercy Asamba | Friday, Sep 15th 2017 at 21:21

[I](Photo: Courtesy)
Indiana and Bamburi Beach Hotels in Mombasa are on fire.

[I]Indiana Beach Hotel and Bamburi Beach Hotel on fire
No casualties have been reported as police launch probe to establish cause of the fire that started Friday night around 8pm.

[I](Photo: Courtesy)
[I](Photo: Courtesy)[/I]


I think there is need to re-look into the use of makuti for roofing and adopt other materials… Nigekuwa insurer siwes taka biashara ya makuti roofed buildings


Travellers Hotel, in the same neighbourhood, ilichomeka mara kadhaa hadi wakawacha makuti kabisa.


Could it be the hotels are looking to renovate through insurance compensation?


Two more adjacent hotels also caught fire, Ziwa Beach hotel, and bamburi Beach apartments…
It’s sad that a hotel iko Karibu na a large water body inaweza chomeka yote

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We want open beaches

Question…county governement fire department…did they respond ?

Very true.

Moto not the issue as of now.

Start or look for building codes, zoning, infastucture etc. Fire preventive and maintance measures cames at end tail

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.Hehe, acha izo bro :D:D

Ni ukweli bana, beaches are public areas that should be opened up to locals. Except in military or important government facilities.

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The usual, alive late then maji iliisha after 20 minutes.
Our disaster preparedness is wanting


Fire Safety is neglected. I just thought about it and noted I dont have any fire fighting gear in my house. Nani hapa yuko nazo?

…Hehe, the fire department, shares a huuuuuge border with Indian Ocean

Beach hazijafungwa, it’s the access routes, from pirates the next place you can access the beach is at dolphin


I got a fire extinguisher but hio niya kuzima moto ikianza wakti haija spread


The best time to control a fire is when its just started. Where can I buy this equipment in nbo? Na pia kuelimsha family ni poa.


Mombasa beach area is a unic area to build a tourist infastrure. A kin beach land developer has what you Tarpology in mind. Makutu fits well around(landscape) coastal area.

Wind is a part of the area equation. make no mistake about.

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