Bamburi hotel on fire

A better building code would help.

@Top dog. The two area of early fire fighting strategies or items.

  1. Fire equipment eg Fire extinguisher
  2. kiridi(Human) knowledge of how to use fire extinguisher.

Also is the dawm fire extinguisher even checked regulary i.e defect or expired dates etc

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Bamburi was only touched the kitchen side …restaurant ya indiana imeburn yote plus ule ya ziwani …nmetoka kuconfirm that my peeps are safe and sound…Huto tumuhindi twa kuldip ndio wenye hio indiana


True, you need both. Huwezi kununua equipment alafu uwache training kando.

There is plastic makuti replica at Hemingways watamu, Fire proof and looks like real makuti… .was surprised to see it

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I m sorry for speculation, If them girls boarding school had a basic fire fighting knowledge. WHO knows the numbers could have been probably less.

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this is the most probable reason.

I usually don’t but much into these hotel fires. After watching too much of crime TV, naona wakenya wameanza hıı story ya ku claim falsely on insurance policies. Especially when business is low.

I expected the Sultanate of Oman awe hapo kusaidia!

ES …alive late ndio gani boss?