Back to the "dark days"

“This is something we shall all -including Jubilee supporters- live to regret.” - Gathara

If it will bring sanity in governance ni sawa.
On the same thinking si raila s demos are taking us back to the moi days ?

Having a defiant child who blames his failure in school on automation of exams,what can you do? As a parent,you get rid of automation and allow him revert to manual and wait and see if he will at all get any improvement.

I am a parent I know.

Guru uka tuhaicane

Kuhaicana niki?

Ni ngeithi cia tuthugumi

Akeelah kuja uone kunguru Mwanaume.

Hio part ya any judge I do not agree. Lakini I fully support getting rid of that stupid electronic platform. Its too advanced for the common man to appreciate it including TMT!


Atlest waweke, any SCoK judge, ama appellate judge n above. Naona Judge Odunga aki Swear in RAO.
But maybe, DCJ na CJ , have sworn, they will never swear the dynamic duo.

Till when the same people pushing for these amendments will be victims of huo ujinga ndio wataona umuhimu. Ferking siet!

Naona ni kama tuko safe,uhuru-ruto-muhoho-…

The electronic thing is bad. If it can nullify the votes in the ballot, IT MUST GO. A powerful presidency is the only way to get things going. Look at Rwanda nad TZ. look at China Malaysia and S.Korea, these countries were at par with African economies as late as the 1970s, the only difference is that they had powerful leaders of goodwill while we took so much power from leaders of goodwill.

I actually think it should not necessarily be a judge but any commissioner of oaths.,.

kuturudisha nyuma

Itabidii mvumilie nyuma basi.

The electronic system remain but as a complementary one which really is what it was. If we were to have an honest discussion both RWNEBP and UOTP would agree the SCOK caused more confusion, on one hand they fault Chebukati for failing to verify all 34As on the other they question the integrity of the results from 10k polling stations whose scanned copies of 34As failed to transmit and they had to be manually delivered, this is why JP is pushing the amendment to make manual transmission the main mode since it is more reliable and was in fact the intended primary mode. Electronic mode is for transparency

It should be somebody who in a way represent voters, like the house speaker

honestly…it’s foolishly selfish. it’s like reverting back to a simu ya jamii just because your infinix has frustrated you.