Back to the "dark days"

U dont see a possibility of cj and dcj not swearing in uhuru?inaitwa kujipanga.

why wouldn’t they if he wins fairly?

We already took them to court remember?they colluded with the babuons lawyers to steal kinyattas victory.

Guru ni wa rika na nyukwa ndwagiriire kumuariria uguo, conoka!

the elections will be repeated. I personally think reversing rules whose implementation costed the taxpayer is the most ill advised, retarded decision any leader can take. especially if done to suit personal preferences. the government should be working towards ensuring a fair elections, not rushing to make cowardice decisions that insinuate that they are not sure of a fair win. petty politics aside, If you are Kenyan then you know that such decisions will lead us back to this same position again when that manual system fails or when a rogue gvt ever takes charge in future.

Democracy follows the majority. That is what we fought for. We want the minority to have their say while the majority have their way. Reversing those fundamentals of democracy is what can be called KURUDI NYUMA. Do not forget BABA plans to overhaul the whole katiba so that his cronies are given positions. As long as it is a function of the majority it is right. THAT IS DEMOCRACY AT ITS SIMPLEST

Turenda acio akuru nimoe guthabia murigo.

when the difference between the majority and minority is a mere 1.4m bad or wrong choices, depending on which side you voted for; in a country hosting more than 40 million lives, then i don’t stand to be corrected to think that its more of a matter of reason and wise decision making than a matter of trying to satisfy all the hearts up there.

Can’t u see we are stuck?even if raila wins and the sc gets corrupted we will be back to square one.there are outside forces that are hell bent on taking advantage of this situation.don’t know whether its the oil,minerals…

i know we are a messed up country that is held hostage by more than the TV shows us. But making costly choices may only take us deeper inside the maze we are in. All in all may whatever brings back the ‘normalcy’ be done.

Let us not pretend! If the electronic transmissions were used to rig out RAO, then getting rid of them is to RAO’S, and not UHUNYE’S, advantage…or what is the problem now?

The manual system fails how? It is the only unchangeable aspect of the election. The electronic bit is a parliament initiative. The manual system is used to verify the electronic transmissions. This is why form 34As need to be transmitted manually to the national tallying center before results are declared. Get your story straight. If the electronic bit was used to generate vifaranga vya computer, then you NASA people should be celebrating the decision!!!

JAP does not trust the CJ and DCJ anymore. The next time aCJ is elected, you will see how cautious the executive will be. Uhuru proceeded with the appointments with abandon despite warnings because he did not plan to rig. Now that the Judiciary has shown it has no problem throwing the country into a constitutional crisis, I say let the executive and legislature protect the citizenry. After all, they are the people who the citizenry directly appoints via the vote!

No! It is an illogical conclusion. The diversity of human interest makes it impossible to satisfy everyone. That is like holding a race and trying to figure out how you will satisfy all. It is like a football match, once in a while your team loses. You feel bad because it is human but you accept the defeat because that is the fact of life. You win some you lose some!

Your approach is very wrong! Our country is a democracy! The focus should be on developing a culture where the minority accepts the decisions of the majority. That is what is called mature democracy! You make NO progress when you try to satisfy everyone. That is why Chebukati is having a harder time than Maraga. Maraga made a decision, ( the correctness of the decision, or otherwise, withstanding), and stuck to it. That was the majority ruling. The minority faults it, hates it, but accepts it and the ruling is obeyed. All because one man knew you cannot satisfy all. Chebukati, on the other hand, wants to do the impossible! You cannot satisfy everyone. Do your job, deal with the issues raised by the supreme court and live with the fact that there will always be someone who faults your decision!

you said it yourself, “a culture where the minority accepts the decisions of the majority…” did we REALLY have a majority and minority after 8.8.2017? Games can be fixed,and a winner in a race leads without doping.

woe unto everyone who was fallen for the idea that the judiciary is defying the other two arms of the gvt. the judiciary is just being the judiciary by following the law; the law made by the legislature. Remember when ‘we’ wanted to quit the Hague because ‘some of us’ had been accused? I wish I could reply to this majority and twisting if the law like one of those citizens who are still in idp camps 10 Years later.

The same judiciary that has been unable to deal with corrupt individuals mazes.

may be they need more of the ‘we are giving you a chance to redeem yourselves’ scares… lol

What if say in the future, like you was wont to put it, a corrupt CJ and DCJ takeover? Mwananchi suffers should they refuse to swear in the president in the stipulated time. The law should address every eventuality. That is why the legislature gets to ammend Katiba

Foolish is trying to fix the infinix, ignore the simu ya jamii, and yet you have to make an urgent call! Make the call first and the concentrate on fixing the infinix when the matter of urgency is fully addressed

I don’t know why people are worried about who swears in the President , don’t make it sentimental . The IEBC , an independent election body , as long as it conducts a fair election , that even after a petition , the win is upheld , then that person is the president and will be sworn in by any judge in Kenya , judges are not hawkers to discredit them .

What part of the above is undemocratic ,since people like to throw that word around as they please .

Scrapping off the electronic transmission will be the panadol to a headache Kenya has experienced in the current election period .