I need an avatar…suggestions please.

Something little about me… Am sensuous, I love long healthy dicks (WPD) and above all I LOVE life!

Tafuta hiyo avatar!

Hii kwanza ni poa umevaa suti.


you seem like a sex starved lady so weka hii


Blue Whale… An erect blue whale penis is 12 inches in diameter (let that sink in … pun fully intended) and ten feet in length. :rolleyes:

Starved? Not really, nymphomaniacal perhaps?

Mmmmmh…I like!!

Ngoja nitafute maana ya sensuous kwanza kwa kamusi

We proved that you aren’t a chic or rather you failed to submit sufficient proof that you are, so, what do you want to do with other men’s dicks, you Gay?

She’s married …dnt thnk she needs D**&u from other guys

Basi yeye ni malaya

watch your filthy mouth ama niambie @This is Gold to give you a few hot slaps



WTF is wrong with you? You want to be gay or something? What’s with the dumb gay comments on my threads? If you don’t have any positive contribution to my threads stay the fuck out! As I said am a woman but you’re free to believe whatever humps your camel toe!

Yes, damn right! Am a filthy whore to my one and only! This is getting me wet already…

tumia hii ya ur other half

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Then go tell that sorry excuse of a man to choose an avatar for you wacha kuja kutusumbua hapa, funda!

[ATTACH=full]6163[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6164[/ATTACH]

Choose one from above


weka hii :smiley:



Umesahau hii