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Funda ni wewe Mathice!!

was that really necessary? That’s a woman who seems blessed a thousand times over

interesting fact semen from a mouse is larger than semen from an elephant…napita tuu

Did I mention there’s a handsome reward!! Yes people…

Key word is handsome

I think this image speaks a thousand words about you [ATTACH=full]6179[/ATTACH]


Or this [ATTACH=full]6180[/ATTACH]

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Why don’t you have a seat now?


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Anyway, i give you my current wallpaper… Where’s my reward? [ATTACH=full]6185[/ATTACH]

What’s the problem?

@Female Perspective weka hii [ATTACH=full]6186[/ATTACH] ama hii [ATTACH=full]6188[/ATTACH]

And thank me later

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Nimekataa hiyo! Make Up mimi siwes!

@vuja de and @mariachi blow job or mpesa?


mpesa considering month ‘location’ :smiley:

Inbox telephone number…or if you have a business the lipa na mpesa number/your mpesa agent number to maintain anonymity!

??? Nini inaendelea :eek: