Washika dau na washikwa dau hamjamboni. Kindly could someone assist me in knowing how i can relocate to Australia/Canada the best way the worst way the most common way

Uliza miguna miguna

Tembea hadi kwa border ukifika Sema ni John doe amekutuma, they will let you in, give you a big house, a car and job and a big booty girl to marry and you will live happily ever after

Do you have a job? or are you doing something that is earning you some money in Kenya?

Australia apana try canada hata kama nikuhang kwa ndege

ule jamaa wa boxing alipatikana ?

Pretend to be gay and claim your life is in danger.

Both countries are great. But usi-hang kwa ndege.

Tafuta visa ya trumpistan soonest (can’t help you in this) It’s easier to get it in kenya than Canadian high commission. Ukipata inbox me. [SIZE=1]Do it quick before end of July. [/SIZE][SIZE=4]I’ll tell you your next move. [/SIZE]

Tiga maheni. Which immigration officer would buy that bullshit in 2018?

ni ukweli infact the ambassadors organize bash for homosexuals weekly hata msito @crasher_18 alitumiwa inviteshen (sijui kwa nini na krasha husema he is not on the other side )

Okiiii. My Sis lives in Melbourne so sjui niseme nini and my BFF lives in Toronto…

If I was kenyan president I’ll be embarrassed to see my youth go because of economic reason.I’ll ask myself what can I do to make my people stay? Why are they leaving?
These are people when they leave they won’t come back. They will develop those countries and not here. I’ll change policies to encourage them to stay.

Politics should not be injected into this thread.

Tukana Big Fish kwa Gava, then refuse to Board…utapigwa exile while you are out cold

nilisoma mahali kana kula ngumu huko Kangaroo Island…nikipata link will share

Senz, Invite ni wewe. Ilikuwa kwa canadian offices, hawa watu wana push hii agenda ya gay sana…


  1. Best way?

  2. Worst way?
    Panda SGR …}} Arrive Mombasa aka Coasta Rica…}} Bribe your way and stowaway on a ship pale Kilindini…}} Arrive Australia…}} Apply for political asylum…}} Get dumped in Nauru Island to be processed as an illegal immigrant…}} Get rejected and deported back to shitholeland.

Common way?
Option 1) if you have any identifiable skill that is in demand or option 2) if you don’t.

I suspect you fall in category 2. Good luck my G.


Do you want to know her? she also happens to be Meru.