Uhuru DGAF and never did. He is a campaigner. He’s very good at that. Everything else he is not interested

I agree but Australia doesn’t love immigrants particularly black ones, heri canada

No dear. She is v kind to immigrants. Those are the only 2 countries remaining in the west that one can easily get papers coz as you know bila papers one is useless huku. Jaribu kuingia huku kwangu saa hii and to survive. You need the godamn papers everywhere mpaka hosi!!!


I am in Australia and it’s quiet ok.

OKAY??? IT IS marwa

You can also try France or Gerumany :slight_smile:

Save some kid from danger lurking and get citizenship/job for free.

Thereafter, uhuru will give you a top job and githeri HSE

Let’s next move ya trumpstan iko.:D:D

Australia it’s not that easy. Halafu if you’ve got any kind of education, sahau tu, you’ll be at the bottom because you’re African unless you’ve got ksh. 6M to study for a degree ndio upate job afterwards, and that’s tuition fee pekee, food, rent, transport haijawekwa hapo. If you happen to defer your study for even one semester shule yako inakupigia simu and they inform you that hata wamaliza kuongea na immigration saa hii tu, you’ll have to explain to the immigration office kwa nini una defer. Enda Canada, it might be easier.