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Gordon Opiyo
Exposed: Today, we bring you inside info of what Raila really went to do in London. Forget about the so called Lecture at Chatham House. Raila went to meet his masters, and report the status of the Coup. WE also bring you the intricate details that connect top Judiciary, IEBC and Civil Society names to the latest stage in the Coup Plot
We also explain why Raila wants OT Morpho and Safaricom out of the way.
Take a look at the Photo Raila posted on his official Twitter Handle. he met Former UN number Two Lord Malloch Brown.
The name Malloch Brown doesn’t ring a bell in many Kenyans…but he is the person funding Raila, and the key force behind the Judiciary, IEBC and Civil Society planners of the current artificial instability
Who is Lord Malloch? We will go step by step
1)Malloch is employed by George Soros, the global guru in Coups. Malloch basically runs all the activities of Soros.,_Baron_Malloch-Brown#Association_with_George_Soros
In effect, Malloch is the person that gives money to the NGOs that Fund the Judiciary and the Evil Society .
2) Malloch owns the company that lost to OT Morpho in the bid to run the electronic transmission of the elections. Raila kicked out Hassan team from IEBC after they refused to play ball with Malloch’s company Smartmatic. http://
h-brown/ .
After the Commissioners were kicked out, they approached Chiloba- who was then running the IEBC…Chiloba refused to play ball and declined the offer to kick out OT Morpho and replace them with Smartmatic You can read more details in this story written by John Kamau in the Sunday Nation http://
“When the IEBC advertised for delivery of voter identification devices, a company known as Smartmatic International tendered to supply the gadgets.”
Insiders say that Smarmatic tried getting into a partnership with Safaricom, in a bid to make it have a strong case…Safaricom declined.
Now, you get why Raila is vehemently against Chiloba, OT Morpho and Safaricom
3) Malloch, Annan and the Civil Society Conspiracy against Uhuru and Ruto. After Raila started hitting the French Company OT Morpho… the French Intelligence Agencies leaked Annan’s secrets to the Press… part of the story is published in Today’s Standard https://www.standardmedi
block-uhuru-from-presidency . Annan vigourously tried to stop the Uhuru Ruto ticket, and shamelessly supported Raila. Now, Malloch was Annan’s sidekick at the UN, and just before he left office as the UN Boss, Annan appointed Malloch as the number two of UN.
Do you see the link?The French Intelligence Agencies are linking Raila, Annan and Malloch in the scheme to steal business from the French Firm.
4) UN Link to the dark deals: read the following paragraph in the link above “Prior to becoming Chef de Cabinet, Mr. Malloch Brown served as Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the UN’s global development network, from July 1999 to August 2005. During that time, he was also the Chair of the United Nations Development Group, a committee consisting of the heads of all UN funds, programmes and departments working on development issues.”
From the above link, you can see that Malloch was the Head of UNDP…Ezra Chiloba worked at the UNDP for five years. Chiloba was then expected to give business to Smartmatic a company owned by his former Boss… he refused. Now he is targeted.
Do you know about a vocal top IEBC Official who is close to the UN? Do you remember how she pushed to have UNDP take over election management? Do you remember Raila calling for UN to run this elections? Do you remember UNDP offering to give us election material for Free? it to Malloch
5) Malloch link to electronic RIGGING. Malloch’s company has been accused of being part of the schemes in electronic Rigging.
Though the Liberal Press tried very hard to defend Soros, the evidence about Malloch being behind rigging is clear. Now, as you swallow this information ask yourself why Raila wanted a 100% electronic voting system…run by well known global Vote Rigger Malloch?
6)Ask yourself why the crooked Maraga 4 gave OT Morpho unrealistic deadlines to open the servers? This was Maraga’s clever way of kicking out OT Morpho and Safaricom and having them replaced by Malloch’s Smartmatic Company. Remember, Malloch is the one that gives the Judiciary nearly 80% the external budget cash.
7) Do you remember when a senior Supreme Court Official took off to London instead of being in Kenya at a crucial period last month? It is said that the Supreme Court Official went to London to meet Mulloch and Soros. He was open and told them that Raila cannot and will never win the popular vote. He then gave them the idea of funding a FRESH ELECTION. The senior Supreme Court Official advised that the Judiciary can not hand over victory to Raila if he does not have the numbers.
So, Raila was summoned to London by his bosses. He was ordered to step down for Mudavadi- Kalonzo Ticket in the FRESH ELECTION.
Well, I’ve just explained the Photo in a thousand words. Keep it here for more details after the release of the Prof Mutahi Ngunyi Fifth Estate…
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:D:D:D yenyewe watu wa constituency yangu walipigia Uhuru lakini some of the shit being woven by the likes of Matsanga make you worry about the people you are supporting. Next tutaambiwa Raila alienda kukutana na Satan mwenyewe! please, stop giving Raila these supernatural powers! Jubilee with the state machinery should do better


jana on the news luo mps were saying raila amesema hakuna uchaguzi na it’s like they will do everything in their power to disrupt the election, hakuna kubembeleza those ferkers they must be met with force

Tena sana, but i give it to Kenyans, we always seem to have some organic solutions, to many problems.