You and me both

Wewe na wale watu wanasimamanga pale Ambassador na City Hall mna tofauti gani?

You and me too

Seconded… Muchene

The other day i was in Nakuru mvua ikanipata nikaamua kuingia some place called Utugi bar, sat next to some old men and obviously they were talking politics. I was astonished at what i was hearing…yaani these guka’s, most of them businessmen and teachers were busy discussing Raila and the stuff being discussed would make one believe Raila is some god with supernatural powers…alafu wengine were armed with some doctored video clips na fake news items from the net . sadly they dont seem to have the analytical skills to tell that the news they are relying on is fake…and even the clips have been heavily doctored, some with voice overs clearly not Rao’s.

Siasa ya Kenya iko hivyo. Sadly, some of my relatives wanapenda political gossip sana to the point of getting emotional whenever NASA is criticized.

welcome to the information age. i don’t know where we will start with media literacy. did you eat some pork?

:frowning: i want thufu.

asking for walls

:D:D:D:D @gashwin you scaring me. Thats exactly what i had, loved it so much that i called my cousins to come and have some. Alafu beer ni 170 tu…i ended up staying longer than i had anticipated.

Thufu of knees and muscles in plenty. Cum with your cup ready to be filled

mluhya boy child? can i chew on cartilage too?

Mbona unakozea mzito putin heshima…weka ya Medvedev ama homo @Web Dev …meffi wewe

Cartilage it is for your birthday. You can pull on it squeeze and make it wet all you want. Anything to make the October baby explode.

Hey… am so glad I discovered this forum. You guys are so hilarious!

Raila is not bright to pull off something like this

Umepewa kiti NV?

@Ice_Cube :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


i met some ladies who live in kibra and sell boiled eggs/smokies. they said they vote nasa because their landlord in kibra is kyuk and the prepaid electricity is “too expensive”.
thats kenyan politics for you

In this game of politics, propaganga remains to be the Astra ( Brahmastra, if i may say).

Elder don’t quote NVs!