Are your children safe at school ?

Are your children safe at their boarding school ?

Have you ever seen the dormitories they spend 9/12 months in a year ?

Are there easy exits in case of a fire or will there be a stampede ?

Most schools won’t allow parents beyond the admin offices.

This is the situation at Moi Girls. Dormitories above capacity while the school is building a giant chapel.

We already know the food is trash #githeribae

We need reforms. Must we have so many boarding schools ?





Niliona ingine the school does not even have a playground, the classrooms are filthy, small with smelling lavatories. Hata usiulize computer lab inakaa aje. But the school called parents to fund-raise for a mega church which is currently under construction in the only space that had remained within the compound


principal haezi kula dorm ikijengwa. at least kwa chapel wanaeza over estimate some costs akulie. mnataka watoe pesa wapi? Day schooling is the real deal though


And that’s a public school sio ? Tutawacha upuss. I wonder if Min. Of education has any guidelines on these matters. Ama kila B.O.G inajiamulia

[ATTACH=full]124945[/ATTACH] Misplaced priorities but ain the school admin at fault alone blame the paros and kids(yep them) cuz I left my school way better than i went it…and thats was hard work.have relas in that school and show em pics of when i was their and now and they can’t believe it

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I used to sleep near a window without any grill…kikiumana nikuchomoka tu…nikicome chuo late hours hakuna kuita prefect…ni kuingilia hapo


waah that dorm is too squeezed …sisi dorm ilikua na exits nne, no grills on windows na bed ni mbili pekee zilikua znashikana hata ungejaribu kuwasha moto ni ngumu ispread

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Build a chapel which will be used a total of 1 times every 7 days! Instead of dormitories to ease decongestion. Albert Einstein was right!


I made a point of walking through one child’s dorms and was glad to find working smoke detectors, fire alarm and panel.
A while back I was called to pick my son up from day school with a fractured collar bone.
Jamaa alikuwa WWE darasani akakulishwa RKO.


Hii ni dormitory ya St. Andrews Turi.

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Really nice but those kids look 8/9.
Mnatoa watoto nyumbani na miaka ngapi ?

Mpasho says mnalipa Sh800k per term :eek:


Opulence at it’s best .The haves and have not.

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My high school had 4 official exits per dorm plus countless other `exits´ i.e ceiling boards & unbarred windows which once had louvres but zikavunjwa but atleast mosquito proofing was there.

I’ve heard that Kenyan parents living in UK like to send their kids to Andrews Turi for reasons God only knows. Hizo fees tuseme ni kama 200 k per month imagine sio mingi. One can pick up more shifts majuu and clear it like nothing. The quality is very much worth the cost.


St. Andrews Turi Fees not 800K per term


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I once saw a dormitory with triple deckers ni kama sungura wanaishi huko.


If you add lunch, uniforms, books, sports equipment, technology fees, health fees, club fees, school trips, itapita that 800k.

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My former highschool was a pigsty. Worst sanitation, filthy kitchen area. You do not know torture until 400 or so heads have to share 20 bathrooms with rotting doors and green filth. Weh, kuna watu usafi sio stronghold. But I would take my kid to highschool boarding. It hardens someone, dealing with all manner of things.


Yaani ulianza kuangalia shule already? Lol. Aki madame mtatumaliza.

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Always 10 steps ahead. :p:D:D