Are your children safe at school ?

:D:D:D we can’t help it.

These kids are too young for boarding…i was planning to take my 8yr old to boarding but changed my mind after i realised she was too young to be left on her own.
there is something that Turi is doing right, all alumni i meet are very polished and humble…

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My first primary to board was so packed that the exit door was blocked with a bed windows were small with meshwire all over = Not safe

My other primary was safe 4 wide entry/exit points meshwires on the windows were removed days after the Kyanguli tragedy,smoke detectors were also there and doors were never locked.

High school 2 entry/exit points 1 very wide emergency door on the side though blocked by beds to make room for more students it was rather safe.

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Watoto wangu nime vow hawatawai ingia boarding…nitawalea mwenyewe

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Afadhali wasomee shule za uHuru.
Hiyo ni pigsty nilipie boarding fees? Hell No

Kama pesa iko lipa quality kama hakuna you deal with what you can afford.

Homeschooling is best grade of education

Kids are resilient. Something that scares me about kids is slowed career growth and less disposable income. There are quality schools with trained professionals doing a fantastic job out there. As someone pointed out, the caliber of Turi alumni says it all.

Absentee parents.

Nilienda boarding at 8 years old and we are closer than ever with my folks plus I turned out okay. I believe that played a great part to who I am today.

IMO, that’s being too hard on a kid.


Maybe. Maybe not.

A different angle. By the time I made my first meaningful paycheck at 18, I had been ‘a bit independent’ for a decade. An experience most of my peers didn’t have.

Also consider the fact that most parents keeping children at home add as much pain as joy they bring to their children with children witnessing wife battering, cheating parents, the always busy father etc. Most parents who take kids to boarding early from my experience take leave during school holidays so the family is always united, father’s actually help students in assignments etc. So the school break usually is a sort of reunion with the whole family and everyone is at home 24/7


True lakini my point is watu wanapenda kuhepa from responsibility sana…unazaa mtoto unalelewa na mboch then unamtupa boarding school what sort of parenting is this…alafu siwezi lipa shule hiyo pesa yote

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I believe the only way some of these issues will be solved is for us to suddenly become a litigious society. Watu waache kuchezea hela zetu na maisha ya watoto wetu.

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10yrs for me.

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Wah ni wazazi walikuwa busy sana ama? Miaka nane, kumi?

Of my own volition. I practically begged for it and when they wouldn’t budge I took myself to the interview and came back with the results, having passed of course. Ilibidi wakubali tu.


Kweli wewe ni shule ulipenda…
Mimi nikuwa hiyo age nilikuwa msee wa kwanza kujitoa shule bell ya three forty fae ikichapwa