Are watches worth it.

I was with my colleague tukipiga maraudi kiasi. The guy took me to a shop where he spent a whooping 8k on a watch. Nilishangaa sana. Sijawai nunua watch hata siku moja. Naeza elewa apple watch na hizi za Samsung which are actually functional albeit really expensive for what they are. So ni class ama ni nini kwasababu hapo sielewi. What exactly is the essence of wearing a watch?

sijakuwa na watch tangu nipoteze watch yangu nikiwa form 2. Ilikuwa ya pesa mingi.

Hata mimi ni shida ya kununua watch I have like ten. Zingine huwa napatana na pieces maboyz washa haribu. Naweza kosa kushika nguo but nishike tu saa ya mkono


Ni kuzoa tu.

Ukizoea watch ni kama nguo. You feel naked without one

Watches that matter cost 250k and above, and they are bought to be family heirlooms or to mark milestones in life. Anything below that price is a wannabe. If you are just having a watch for old school’s sake, you are better off with a simple Casio.

What the heck.

Haha. Kwani unatumia kuona time?

Let us agree. Kuna watch mara tatu.
i) Ornamental watches. the high end luxury watches costing in the excess of 200k a piece. offers nothing besides being a chronometer.
ii) Functional watches-mostly the digital watches with multiple features, relatively cheap compared to the ornamental watches. Apple series 8 watch about 60k.
iii) The ordinary watches from the streets worn by the majority. just for keeping time and making them feel good. Ata hio ya 8k falls under this category.

Drake got a 1 of 1 $5.5 million Richard Mille on watch. Ironically, @Azor Ahai placed on suicide watch after the news.

Those ones are worth each coin. The rare stones on them are real, sio hizi sijui goldplated za upuzi ati 5k.

@Benn Dover tafuta pesa. Na save ni shike hizi.

Hizi ndio za @Yuletapeli

Oh my God. Hii ni madness.

Huwa sivai watch expensive za thao tatu tu ikienda sana seven k. Watch huwa Ina complete luku.

Not madness you are not the target market.

Ukidunga hio si utapigwa nyogolo ukipiga raundi mwisho ama ulisha shift :smiley:

If you ever get stranded and your card is not working, then the value of that watch come to life. Legacy hotels and hotels run by families, will accept that watch as payment or hold it as collateral until your bank clears payment. Some private jet services will accept this as mode of payment.

In Latin America, it is also valuable currency that can get you around. In 2019, when US almost considered a military intervention in Venezuela, most rich guys used these assets as currency to evacuate.

So when you have some money, alternative assets are important.

True. Kama una mteja serious wa a working classic Timex, talk to me.

Vijana ya mtaa hawawezi tambua wamezoea smart watch. Hii ukinunua Una tafuta fake one. You keep on interchanging. So most of the time original Iko Kwa safe.