Are watches worth it.

Every man ought to wear a watch!

Hebu pikcha I might buy it as a souvenir.

Hawker from congo aliwahi nionyesha ‘rolex’ saying it cost only 3k… I felt like slapping him and sending him back to congo with his knockoffs


Besides telling time, a watch is just an accessory. Psychologically, it provides the idea that as a man, you are time conscious, punctual, and values not only your time, but other people’s time. Those who go for high-end and pricey watches are just demonstrating their taste and style, and their personality.

I think it is better for a man to have one, hata kama ni ya mia tano.

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Watch ya 8k ni kitu ya kushtuka?
That’s actually very cheap.

boss tuko kenya all from humble backgrounds, 250k inainua familia zetu ushago, we are not in a music video in miami florida

Hao mavijana wanaweza kuwa wameweka mabati kwa meno na chains stainless steel kama kumi kwa shingo na mangoto kwa mkono lakini 100% wanajua mali safi ikipita. Ukicheza unakatwa hio wrist.

My only gripe with expensive watches is the real possibility of kuchezewa kabaya more so huku kwa vumbi. Once saw a documentary about fake Rolex watches nikaogopa. Unalipia premium prices for takataka na hutawahi jua.

Our hustler is donning a 1.8M watch.


Casios do well over 50K pia…

Most of what these guys wear are knockoffs…

Kwa thread kaa hii don’t raise such issues just read through…anyways hublots are shit

Watch ni muhimu sana. As an 80s kid, I value watches more than phones. Niko na Casio - bought it in 2017. Have been alternating with some other brands, but the Casio is like my statement wrist-wrap.

Eti ununue watch ya serious dollars ushindwe kulipa deni? Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

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Guess the same can be said of cellphones and virtually every material purchase in life. To each his own.

It is a good habit for a man to have one especially if you wear short sleeves. It makes you look good like someone with a sense of fashion

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Usiwai lipa more than fixed price Kwa watch

Simple ones like the F91W go for less than 3k. I was even surprised that it was the watch featured in the Morbius movie. It’s a watch that will pass the message that you are a man with a watch without looking fake.

Watches that matter…