Are they planning to stop the voting through disruptions on voting day

No repeat poll till our demands are met, says Nasa

Parliamentarians at Okoa Kenya offices in Nairobi on September 13, 2017, during the Nasa Parliamentary Group meeting. Nasa vowed to ensure that the October 17 repeat presidential election will not be held if their concerns are not addressed beforehand. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL | NATION MEDIA GROUP

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President Uhuru Kenyatta immediately dismissed Nasa’s threat as “continuous antagonising” of Kenyans.

Nasa said not only will it not participate in the fresh election if its demands are not met, but it will also not allow Jubilee to go to the polls alone.

In its nine-page memorandum, Nasa also wants printing of the ballot papers not done by Dubai’s Al-Ghurair, which was contracted in the August 8 elections.

The game of political brinkmanship continued on Wednesday, putting in jeopardy the possibility of holding a peaceful and mutually accepted repeat presidential election on October 17.

The opposition National Super Alliance (Nasa), in a clear hardening of its position, said not only will it not participate in the fresh election if its demands are not met, but it will also not allow Jubilee to go to the polls alone.

It was not immediately clear what the coalition’s principals meant by “not allowing” the repeat polls until their demands — which include sacking and prosecuting elections officials found culpable of bungling the nullified presidential poll of August 8 — are met.

President Uhuru Kenyatta immediately dismissed Nasa’s threat as “continuous antagonising” of Kenyans.

Speaking moments after meeting Abagusii professionals at Nakuru State Lodge, he categorically stated: “We are ready for the October 17 election.”


Caught in the middle, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), which must obey the orders of the Supreme Court and hold an election before November 1, has invited the coalition’s leadership for talks over the matter today but Nasa co-principal Musalia Mudavadi said they would not attend.

Earlier Wednesday, Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga and two of his co-principals, Mr Mudavadi and Mr Moses Wetang’ula, were adamant that they will not allow elections to take place without the changes they have demanded at IEBC, accusing some of its officials of being partisan.

But they did not reveal the method they will use to scuttle the election.

Speaking on KTN television on Tuesday night, Mr Odinga had said Nasa had resolved that there will be no election until their demands are met.


“We are not boycotting the election,” Mr Odinga clarified. “We said we want to participate but under certain conditions that will ensure the election is free, fair and credible.”

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An election requires a contest between parties, added the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader.

“We want to go to an election when the playing field is level,” said Mr Odinga. “Last time, it was not, and the evidence we produced in court was enormous. We are not ready to go back to a charade and would rather have no election.”

Interesting times, ahead, Uhuru promised, to revisit the 'issue of Judiciary ’ after election, but, the judiciary may revisit Uhuru before Elections.

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he also said most importantly, that the will of the people will never again be sabotaged by 4 individuals.

Elections will be there, just sideshows. A talker said that the gloves are off from the other side. They said they won’t budge .By Sunday the direction will be known

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Babuon is barely campaigning, he knows he stands no chance and now he wants to cause a constitutional crisis by sabotaging the elections. Mutahi Ngunyi read his game of forcing a coalition government from very very far.


Will the other side budge to a coalition government

so will they participate or will they not?

i pity the supporters ambao wanazungushwa kama kamisi iliyo na chawa kila uchao…


whether they do or not is none of our business. there are 2 things they should know.
[li]the election will go on with or without their participation.[/li][li]violence or any acts of lawlessness will be dealt with ruthlessly and swiftly wabaki wakisema ‘the police are killing our people’[/li][/ol]


Mũtahi Ngûnyi once referred to babuon as a rocking chair, moving people to and fro without taking them anywhere



Most probably violence on JP strongholds, must be a strategy to make JP votes to cave in on election day. Well most are ready to line up even on the death bed naswa should know that.

The only way to know that or make the boycott official is if babuon writes to iebc to say that he will not participate, otherwise he is just being his usual kitendawili


I think by wetaa clarifying that there is a difference between boycotting and no elections taking place points to a scenario whereby they will disrupt the exercise in their strongholds on voting day.

This would lead to destruction of election materials and if Chebucati declares Uhuru the winner, NASA runs to court and create an argument based on their own disruption of polls.

Another angle,you all know what the law says about a presidential candidate resigningor death and the same applies to the running mate, if Melon resigns then elections are post poned.

My advice to Uhuruto,up your game,change your tacts,you refer to him as your brother that you will work with losers, Tinga doesn’t think that of you.


But unless the SCOK rules that Rao won the election in a petition (we know he cant win the iebc one) then they can only nullify and order repeat elections again and again, and then sitting prezo remains uhuru, jubilee has majority National and Senate assemblies so their biz goes on as usual, and most importantly money to mount and run succesful campaigns something which nasa/odm doesnt have


How will that be possible, just ask guys in mathare and kibera what happened when they tried to start demonstrations after iebc announced the presidential results

why is macho nyanya campaigning so hard with that a big margin he had given nasa? On the other hand NASA seem to be just asking for a credible election…kuna mtu ako panic mode

are you not clever? ever heard of the term “consolidating a win”?


What about if chiloba and the mentioned officials decide to resign a few days to elections, what will be NASAs reason to boycott

true he knows if he writes to iebc on that matter uhuru will be declared president and this being kenya we will move on and forget, he has to be part of the process only that he is looking for ways of disrupting the same as much as possible.

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Who said they will boycott in the first place, even if Margeret Kenyatta is appointed iebc chair and Ngina Kenyatta CEO; RAO will still be on the ballot