Are they planning to stop the voting through disruptions on voting day

Canaan is one massive rocking chair!


They aren’t boycotting, they want to disrupt the process


Hehe … pure hatespeech


Disruptions or not,what I know is I’ll be on the queue on that fateful day to vote in UK.

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i think its when they are looking for that “win”. how do you consolidate booty?

This is what they are selling to their ojingo supporters pale telegram…support


If at all there’s something that NASA is doing is to delay the elections… Cause disruptions and turn this country into total chaos!! Raila only knows how to warn, demand and insite… This man should just call it quits…!!

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Just saw this on star comments. Funny

Kk reply to samburu4 minutes ago

I bet when you walk down the street and see a stone, you feel an uncontrollable urge to grab it and throw it right? And you can’t explain why…


this is true

When they boycott 8 seatings kwa bunge i will start taking them serious.

Even in football, you just can’t go and rest just because u have beaten ur opponent, this NASA people should just cut some slack