Are Kenyans Getting Richer?

First off let us look at some facts:

  1. Kenyans are buying more and more cars each year

  2. Kenyans and their families are taking more holidays each year so much so that you cannot get plane tickets or sgr tickets to holiday destinations time ikifika.

  3. Every weekend there are hundreds of tembea kenya vans and buses that are taking kenyas on weekend excursions.

  4. Watu bado wanaendelea kudemand mashamba thus keeping the prices high. Maina sells them like nobody’s business.

  5. Even looking at social media there are so many business opportunities that have revealed themselves, people are able to pay professional photographers, they are able to pay for good things in life. (Ok, this one i know i have overstretched but the point still remains)

  6. Even churches are seemingly collecting more and more in terms of tithes, offerings and gifts.

All this despite the interest rate cap that the banks have…so my conclusion is that kenyans have more and more disposable income with every year, they are indeed getting richer.


Ofcourse i am not talking of every kenyan, just the majority because of the facts i have stated above


How many are saving?
How many are “doing it for the gram”?(showing of on social media na hawana kakitu)
How many are living on/off of loans?

What you’re describing is the growth of consumerism not necessarily people becoming richer!

The answers to these are hypothetical, even America lives on credit and they are considered extremely rich!

But the consumerism is driven by disposable income yes? So if it increases then it means income has increased as well…yes, no?

No it’s driven by credit and lack of saving culture.
Ni vile it’s hard to find statistics in Kenya but am pretty sure our parents were saving more than we do despite making significantly less than we make these days.

Kenyans are very rich. The richest people in Africa. We have the most expansive highways in Africa but the number of vehicles on them is just too high. Just look at the traffic gridlock on Nairobi-Nyeri highway or the Nakuru-Nairobi highway on weekends.

I hear you, but this consumerism has lead to some businesses booming here in the country yes, and further down created more employment opportunities?

Then why is everybody running to america, they call it the land of opportunities yes. Chances of getting rich and interacting with rich people are highest in america

True. Instagram lazima watu wawakilishe. As a capitalist, I see massive opportunities to be exploited.

And how can you exploit those opportunities if people do not have increased disposable income

False. Our parents were earning more than our generation which means salaries have been stagnant for the last 30 years. A middle level manager in a GOK parastatal was making 150k per month base salary in 1993. Not much has changed except for politicians. They have kept pace with inflation.

Consumerism may make you think they are rich. I was in a clique where one guy used to buy expensive alchohol and brag about how he is reach. Lakini vile jamaa ni kitombi akapea dame jobless mimba. Dude could not afford 200k ya maternity and during the pregnancy he used to spend in my estimation 100k monthly in alchohol. Shida ni vile alikuwa anabrag. He had to sell his expensive electronica to get money. Na kuzaa sii emergency.

150 k in 1993? I doubt. Ama toa example.

Their income hasn’t increased, but their consumer trends have changed. Instead of saving and investing, they are travelling and eating out. So, despite disposable income remaining flat, the catering industry, tourism and travel will boom.

How much was say a teacher or a nurse earning in 1993 as compared to now?