Are Kenyans Getting Richer?

It is all down to trends and what is fashionable.Owning a car is a status symbol, holidays for showoff, road trips for adventure, speculating on land is considered an investment, and spending big on occasions is meant to impress others. In the meanwhile, slum areas continue to expand horizontally and upward. Kibera was once a descent, respectable, homely village like any other. Not any more.

You will be surprised how many people live in “leafy” addresses, drive a benz, party in B-Club et al, na akipata emergency major ahitaji one million in a week hawezi pata lazima achukue loan ama achangiwe. Watu wa ofisi ndio hukuwa na hii shida mostly ya ku-keep up with Joneses. Mshahara ikichelewa kidogo wanamea kipara in one week. Ever wondered why clubs hukuwa na more customers Friday ya endmonth na significantly less traffic Friday ya around 20th?? Because most show stoppers live from paycheck to paycheck.

Hata mimi nashuku sana.How much was an MP or even a minister earning in 1993?
Like I said finding statistics in Kenya ni ngumu sana.

credit, credit, credit and offloaing assets owned by dead parents so in essence in the next 10 years peasants in Kenya will be many. best bet to open a biashara is rehab and counselling centres for depression, mental and emotional exhaustion kakitu kakiisha because a majority of the up and coming don’t know a thing about wealth generation and retention and believe pesa hazitaisha. they are in for a very very rude shock.

Very personal examples. The opportunities those guys had were unreal compared to today. In one year you had accumulated enough money for a sublime piece of land. Today the same property requires a lifetime of saving.

That was one guy in a group, what of majority of the masses

In kibera there are some rich individuals and due to its growth it has become somewhat of a business hub. I may be wrong on this though

Hindsight bias at its best. The properties they could afford back then were the equivalent of Juja farm today. Nobody wants to buy in those areas because of their remote nature today. In 20 years, a person like you will make the same statement in hindsight. Hindsight is 20/20.

Isnt that the same world wide? Who even in the first world countries can get a million in a week without taking out a loan? That is 10,000 dollars not 10 dollars

In essences what you’re describing is the signs of the UN millennium development goals. And eradication of extreme poverty was major.
The target of reducing extreme poverty rates by half was met five years ahead of the 2015 deadline.( Thanks to leaders like Obama).
More than 1 billion people have been lifted out of extreme poverty.( most been in the Sub-saharan regions).
At the global level more than 800 million people are still living in extreme poverty.
Unfortunate with the advent of the current leadership coming up creating barriers, trade suppressions and other vices, the world efforts to end extreme poverty by 2030 may never be attained…sadly so!

Tissue paper man, surely umeanza kuingia kwa hii basement thinking ya Guka, ati ukiona magari mingi kwa barabara na watu wakiwa holiday Masai Mara, watu wako na pesa? .

Clearly your economics Teacher needs to be given two hot slaps juu nikama hakukufundisha indicators of a good Economy, which Kenya is doing badly, despite Posts za spear za Jubilee development Nonsense.

Dont be deceived by the Gram, watu wamesota mbaya. Mpaka wanatoa ngoma ya Mkenya anahitaji mfuko moja juu ya kusota:D:D:D

What are your indicators without throwing in some insults and underhand low shots.?

People are clearly able to pay for these things whether or not its through credit which is not wrong or bad, is it?

Come to think of it, nimeongeza ingine moja ya churches, they seem more profitable these days meaning the congregations seemingly have more to give

Rich comments zina leta money heist ideas

Anyone with a good head on their shoulders. What serious family man wouldn’t get a million bob in a week, but drive around in a German car, live in Kile and drink premium scotch like a fish??
If you are having such lifestyle but can’t get a million in a week by having liquid assets, na hiyo time una family, then your priorities are fucked up bigly.

Look, I’m not saying everyone should be able to cater to a 1 million bob emergency without breaking a sweat, thats unrealistic. But if you are living the lifestyle I just described above and you can’t, then you obviously suck at having priorities.

This is my Indicator. The Zimbabweans who we laugh at with their worthless currency are way off better than us in quality of life. Buda, toka nje ya Nairobi uone ile msoto imetandika watu mashinani. Alafu bado watu wanazzana ile seriously.


Your post is a bit skewed, looking at that I can also argue that Nigeria is a bigger economy than Kenya, so why is there such a big margin on poverty as compared to Kenya? Besides do you want to say that the only way for you to be satisfied is if there is 0 poverty?

apparently the wealthy live on loans in this country, and based on your credit score can get a loan of even 300M, are their priorities also wrong? anyway we are getting of topic here, majority of the people I am talking about dont even own mercedes or even cars, but they have increased disposable income to use taxi’s more and more and spend more on holidays every year

Wacha nijibu hata kama sio mimi umeuliza. Property prices have stagnated for the last 3 years in some locations. Saa hii kuna watu wengi sana walinunua apartments Kilimani 2016 and can only break even at best today wakiamua kuuza. Check property data from Hass Consult. Ingine ni stock market. Hapo ni self explanatory. Only a handful of listed companies are making profits. In the last 3 years, most have incurred losses or reduction in earnings. As a result most shares have performed badly.

If most if not all women quit their jobs and decide to settle down as responsible wives, the boy child wouldn’t need kupiga wazee ngeta, infact crime would drastically reduce.