On Thursday my favorite bar maid lost her life trying to secure an Arbotion in some backstreet clinic in Kasarani, as much we all know it is illegal, this thing is widespread, is there something like “safe Arbotion”?

Abortion is a crime …

hiyo ball ilikuwa yako ama?

Which barmaid/pub? I know several in kasarani.

Even though I would not allow my kid to be aborted, I still think the women should be given a choice whether to abort through a safe means or not to abort


Skiza sauti sols nerea…no to abortion.

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I broke up with a woman I genuinely loved (which happens rarely) after she went against my wishes and got an abortion ostensibly not to annoy her mum and siblings. Have never felt so bad.

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This is a message to team mafisi…

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kasumba ya lugha ya mama.

I don’t think there is anything like safety in aborting. Its illegal and sinful

“still think the
women should be given a choice
whether to abort through a safe
means or not to abort”
i agree with you sir @Ice_Cube

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Poor bar maid siwezi mjudge…

Abortion is not right, l had a gal once in campus, let call her Jane_doe, now there was this time that jane_doe claimed to be pregnant and demanded 10 k for abortion to which i refused and told her i cant kill an innocent soul, on further investigation i learnt that jane_doe was not pregnant and her intentions were to extort cash from me, i dumped her ass fast like hot shit…

@Mundu Mulosi you are not alone. Another one I know died 2 weeks ago. She was in campo and had the procedure at pumwani

Kwani huyo pia alikuwa bar maid kama wa @Mundu Mulosi #thinkingaloud

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I wish you knew the mess that is our gynecological wards courtesy of botched abortions.

The only circumstance I find abortion acceptable is for medical reasons or if the pregnancy was forced (e.g rape). In most cases, the girl/woman was fully aware of what she was doing when doing when she was being DFHKM’ d. As an adult, one must be aware that every action has a consequence, and should be prepared to live with that consequence

Let’s see.

  1. She got pregnant by having sex with a man who is not her husband.
  2. She was stupid enough to not use protection.
  3. She then tried to escape taking responsibility and accepting what nature had rewarded her by trying to get an abortion.
    That cow deserved to die. Save your sympathies for the Al Shabaab victims because this one doesn’t deserve any.
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I am told the girl had two kids she was struggling to raise alone and thought of adding another one was not welcome.

Am sorry omwami as a fellow drinker i know how we tend to get connected to barmaids


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