Life is hard and unfair now who is going to take care of these two kids, probably they never knew their fathers, but thats just the way it goes.

That is why I advocate for safe and legal choices not criminalizing abortion, PRO CHOICE



This life is tough . . jst make some wrong choices n it becomes so hard n unforgiving on you …sasa what will she tell God !!


gold digger heh

I said God. . its cool if you dnt believe in him bt dnt be quoting me in every post I mention God . . hpe ths is the last time. . coz its always in bad taste . . n upsetting

Haiya hata nugu hujui Mungu?

Ok :slight_smile:

True, most of us regulars bond with them in a special way, usually not the DFHKMBLBHNKN, but a friendship that has no boundaries.

kabisa, that bond is hard to explain,

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A strange bond of understanding not much expectation and plenty of respect.

So sad…
just confide in a gynecologist if u must abort