Any way out of this sh*t

Talkers help me out here ,have been trying to quit fooling around with whores but its proving hard…i have now gone clean for 2 months but my resolve is crumbling what do i f*ckn do…?

no way out brother…give in deal with the consequences later

So whom do you want to fool around with? wanaume?


@ emali u are twisted i meant sex workers @ junkie consequences , guilt and risk involved are having a toll on me…

Do you live in the same house with hoes or you go out looking for them?And if you live with them, why not move out?

I dont live with whores i find them at brothels

Always you replace one habit with another.
Find what will engage you during that time that you always visit the hoes and that will help in fighting those desires.

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Out of sight out of mind.first achana na porn then youll stand a better chance.

Wat u call guilt and risk is wat doctors call HIV, thats whats taking a toll on u… Pimwa bratha

thanks for the advice

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kwani u think i go dry fry on whores…? Risks are stuff like a condom burst and i do have hiv tests regulary

thats not close to my life to me youre just a mono

Remember a good advice is only good if you do as it says.:wink:

Hii yako ni ngumu bro.
Short of asking gava to shut down all brothels sioni ukisaidika.

Then there’s the small issue of whores being available outside brothels so you’ll still find them anyway.

Hii nimechidwo …:smiley:

one thing ill never understand, why pay for punani when there is soo much of it hanging around all over the place for free ?, paying for pusssy is the equivalent of buying air in a shop


in one way or another you must pay for punani its never free

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All ladys are whores, nani anavita na mimi ??

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tell him brother, tell him.

@kid moyes- fuckem all while you still have the drive, energy and resources to play all the games. One day you will like me discover the reward is not worth the chase…


will do it and again i do appreciate your advice…