Any way out of this sh*t


Eti guilt? What guilt? Yaani u can feel guilty after kupata utamu na kumwaga?

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tupe mfano wa punani ya free…

when u f*ckin and cumming its all good but the negative vibes after that…and it has fikad a point i cant relate with a lady in a normal way…

Replace that addiction with another low risk addiction / hobby, explore new things

this is what happened to me @ lunch time
There is this 39 year old married woman who has been sumbuaing me to “do” her for the last three weeks but i have been evading her, so leo nikasema wacha nikule hizo vitu ache kunisumbua
at 1.30pm she shows up in my gate with a range rover sport her husband bought for her
i was soo pissed off with her i told her to go park her stupid car at the shopping center and take a taxi from there to my house, also told her to leave all her phones, tablets etc in her car, its obvious the car has a tracking system and i do not want her habby hunting me down through the tracking systems in her car and phones,
she finally showed up in a cub and i DFHKMBHBLNKN her for three hours

now i want u to explain to me like am a 5 year old, how did i pay for that punani, or how will she make me pay for it in the future ?

tamaa za kitumbo na kimwili

tafuta bibi utulie na yeye

Just think of it as a loan you took. You might not pay for it today but sure enough you will pay for it in future. Women are very calculating creatures!!!

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Therein lies your answer. I once did a listing about porn na nikatukanwa kiasi but such is life. You make a conscious decision to go out there looking for them,. Choices have consequences, so we were told.

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With your life, if you consider the husband chopping of your head as part of the payment


Do you have the link? Does it work through Google archives.

Where do you find free pussy?..Yaani kuna mahali naweza enda friday ama sato I ask for it niambiwe “Pewa” immediately?

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Hakuna vita hapo brazza.

Iko wapi ile gross pic ya diffre

haha… Mwambie apost mbisha ya punani free


Who would fight with king Buddha who’s dribbling BS?

Peleka fantasies huko, stop watching too much fiction

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keep your self busy avoid any thing that can trigger you to sleep out eg alcohol

Again, There is nothing like free pussy,

We go to brothels for two reasons,

  1. It is cheaper than maintaining a mistress/girlfriend(Who is also a whore anyway).
  2. They know their trade and therefore a little safer.

You haven’t met ktalks threashold,mbicha hata kama niya taxi .