Analytical enigma

So guys the other day I was with this mama who I’ve been trying to hit. She’s one of these Eastleigh chics. She came to our office as an intern. She is 24 but has a ginornous mound of an ass. You know that burry my head booty.
So this day I be asking her when imma smash because tumezoeana Kwa ofisi I need to earn some respect back LOL. She then disclosed to me that she does wanna smash lakini I can only bomoa her anal. Now I have until Sato. Me sijawai switch from KBC to KTN … What to do?

Rudi hapa p.n.c iki kick inn. Then utuulize kama ulifanya ufala. Haya keti pale… NEXT!!!

Sijui umesema nini. Muwalach anadai nimnyandue duba

You catch my gal legs open betta smash that
Don’t be surprise if she ask where the cash at
I see she wearing them jeans that show her butt crack
My girls can’t wear that why, that’s where my stash at
I put my mack down that’s where you lack at
She need her candlelit and I’ma wax that

Get a loan up to 50,000.thank me later

Lol why ? Hahahaha will my dick burn ?

Bomoa tu

Eti KTN?
Ktalk villagers wana maneno!

Si I’ll run into a sewer. Kwanza those spicy foods they eat daily

@Mosa come priss

Dude, No one has saïd duba since the fall of Constantinopole more than a thousand years ago!

Na tanye

Ebu fika hapo brathe[ATTACH=full]136081[/ATTACH]

sijui problem ni nini… si unataka kumwaga?

chapa kitu!! halafu leta hekaya if u come out alive.

And when I’m done she be saying yeah I like that
You beat the fat cat, until it turn black
And then I turn back, check the clock yo what time’s that
You’ve overstayed your welcome girl in my shack and that’s that
You need to leave before my main girl comes back
But thank you for the work you did on my nut sack

There is a very very resistant strain of bacteria found in faeces called E.coli. When it gains entry into your urinary system, it causes acute and severe inflammation of the prostate , urethra and bladder neck. The burning sensation (kuchomeka) starts after 18 hours and it’s so bad that you can not sit down, catch sleep at night, sleep with your wife, look at a woman suggestively, eat, drink with friends, and finally you can not go to work :eek:!! Problem is, it does not respond to treatment with commonly used antibiotics. It’s almost same as treatment of Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis! You have to take a combination of 3 or 4 very strong drugs for like 2 months in order to clear the bug out of your system. Treatment will cost you an arm and a gadem leg! My advice is, before uende kukoroga kinyesi, vaa helmet mbili…quality brands…or just stick to your Lane. Nigga you got nothing to lose!!


:D:D:D:D:Di’m sure he wishes he never posted his dreams

Paka mjolobeng mharo.
Then come here and swear you are not gay.