Analytical enigma

Umesema nikue pamoja na mavi?

The poo poo and you mko hivi (rubbing thumbs against each other).

HKM singewes!!! Apa you will have to settle for a titty fuck or bj.

Umesema emergency landing… you even wonder what madness…??!

Tomba matako lakini ujue that anal sex is the most riskiest when it comes to STIs. Ukimwi, HPV, KASWENDE, etc. I f you must, just wrap it it with the rubber.

Wacha kunimaliza

Peana apo KTN ata ongezea K24, Akuna sewage, it’s cleaner than most people think unless uyo mbitch ni City Council kule nyuma

K24 ni shimo gani ? Makwapa LOL.


Take your leave Bruh.

this is gay shit… why are some people behaving like pu**sy is outdated, hence they want dump site of nether realm?

beba lube & condoms. go fuck with a strategy. guuza pussy & clit mpaka aiitane, then toa cd & enter the right hole.

Boss lol. Do u hav any particular type of lube isn’t faeces enough

boss trg kyl, its 300/-
plus the girl is usually cleaned up

Buda. Two options to smash or not to smash… Chagua

Staki kunuka mavi

Akin to one staying in the greeny suburbs of Muthaiga but really wishing for a night out at the Dandora dumpsite!

These are African problems

Am just an emissary for the awareness :frowning:

leo nakula Momo HKM nitaleta hekaya how it went