ame block

So i begged too much until akaamua kuniblock kwa whatsapp na sms using some app called ‘u are dead to me’ sijui nifanye nini…but i feel stronger now naeza vumilia…one thing i know is that aki ni unblock then ananifeel.



Boss mbona unafurahia machungu yangu…

si furahii, you are a TROLL

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Ukajua venye naumia…leo nimechapa guinness sita juu yake.

does she have a balcony?


You an example of men that give us a bad name. I blame your upbringing, you stayed with your mother too much you became a bitch nigga. Emotions and feelings are for women, reason articulations are for real niggaz.

From today I baptise you bitch nigga Davidee


We inakaa haujawai onja mapenzi…hakuna mtu pro kwa hii stori

Sasa hio inanisaidia aje…

ndio uende ulilie pale chini na guitar kama Romeo and Juliet

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vile @Cypher254 amesema

she’s a talker here, following ur posts n loving every pain u going thru…stop posting ur pain uone vile atarudi upesi

You are living in a dream world mu friend. what kind of an app is that anyway. She has no respect for you, not just as a man but as a human being.

I can see you are not accepting your situation, even worse you are not heeding to talkers advice. I can asure you that things will only get worse for you before they get better because you are in full denial.

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Whats the worst that can happen ive accepted that this is just a phase im going through…ill get over it i know it but in the mean time wacha niumie.

is that the samuel wanjiru?


I know…but i just keep convincing myself that ananifeel and that she will get in touch…wtf is wrong with me…fuck this shit.

hehe wacha umwone na nicca mwingine ndo sasa utafeel kabisa

Najua ntaumia but ill get over this shit