ame block

The struggle to become village elders is real. Wewe hii file yako narudisha kwa new villagers section


Wacha huyu mujamaa ajishashe kiasi na uwache hujuma papa

hii ni upuz… wacha ufala


@Davidee She is feeling so much high up above you due to your begging. The harder you try, the wider the gap. Amekukojolea literally.

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@Davidee I have, but didn’t mourn and pout about it. You are making the chiq feel so precious and that’s the last thing you wana do. People who live together for 30+ have a dnt care attitude. You can’t be this wiped and dnt take advantage of you. The mama will milk you dry.

Bitch nigga Davidee wacha ma feelings hizo ni za wanawake and if you do you will never get hurt. Indulge in something that will make you forget about her. That always works, sooner or later you will see her and you should not give a rats ass bout her,use her as a rag.

You were told to pull down that avatar if you still have characteristics of a bitch nigga.


@Davidee like I said before, get her photo and fap to it like you never did before. Mujamaa ma feelings achia ma pink handlers na sio tafasali

@Davidee I feel you bro. However you really need to move on. I have been in your situation before and i will tell you this for sure. Fate has a way of removing from our lives people that don’t deserve us. She doesn’t deserve you and even if she comes back to your life she will eventually heart break you. Come on keep yourself busy, do things that interest you. Date like 6 girls, sleep with them. You will find your own. The one you deserve


Please sir i dont think you have the capacity to comment in such a thread.

Enyewe @ol monk tafuta rafiki msichana kwanza

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boss move on wewe namna gani…

Musakuro…kama dame unakukula kichwa ivi…wht if she was ua wyfe,???

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Davidee yu are giving her much firepower to hit you with by
Trying to contact her bro been in your situation before and even made a listing about it in the last days of klost and early days of ktalk the key is to do things and activities that
Keep your mind occupied avoid staying alone be in company of friends and talk to them believe me talking to friends gets alot out of your chest avoid frequenting joints pubs and restaurants yu used to go to together delete her number and avoid drinking and dialling her change your attitude and image ( check my listing yesterday) avoid friends yu shared travel alot enda shags tembelea children homes nature parks visit your paps and mums hata enda church trust me our systems are programmed to move on after 21days all the best


get a life you filthy bastard…

On the floor… :D:D:D:D:D:D

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Booohooo…wewe na wewe tutolee umama hapa…nkt.Toughen the F up or kwenda twanga na akina Atwoli coz u behavin like a bottom

Am pretty sure she’s taken lessons on “how do you keep an idiot in suspense”…Shida ni…that Idiot ni kondoo couldnt understand her motives…And finally akajua the best thing to do is Kill the Idiot while still alive…hence akatumia the best app…SHE"S BEING SCREW’d by another IDIOT…Don’t i Love this B*****…wow…

You’re such a loser and since it is raining i hate to see drown in an overflowing river :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning: