Am done betting

From today onwards, am done betting, Its has been a very long lonely road. Its better that way.

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Last time i betted foota and mind u twas also my 1st time was during the world cup. Game btwn two South American teams and i lost. Mdguru toka hizo betting its like a drug. When u get hooked yr done

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I have realised that i have lost ova 429 k, only received a total of 34678 bob from them. am never going betting.

And here I thought I was fighting a losing battle. Glad you’ve seen the light as we wait for others to cross over licking their wounds.

True light, shetani ashindwe

hio yako nayo ni serious…429K

ebu tell this nikka…hio kitu itamalisa watu

hata ningepatana na machizi wamtaa, nilikuwa nawahepa nisinunue kitu ndio niende nibet, saa tukipatana kila mtu lazima apewe

Wewe ulikuwa umeolewa na gambling; just like venye @Mathaais ameolewa na fombe:D:D:D:D Talk of different addictions

Not trying to be a grammar nazi but you guy…



Early 2014, niliingia na 8k, within a week nilikuwa kwa 31k, then within another week I was back to zero, nikawacha kabisa, sikuhizi I only do the jackpot, 100 bob a week, 400 a month.

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did you guys ever watch the episode of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on fantasy sports betting? You cannot win consistently unless you have can do some serious math to figure out the best odds. here is the video:

There is no maths here, soltn ony to leave and never ever come back to this shit hole again

weare not talking about fantassy sports, hii ni simple betting

People place bets and ask for best bet advice here everyday…Nobody comes back to say “I won!”…What are the odds?


its the same thing. gambling is gambling. Whether its fantasy sports or pata-potea.

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Ati 429k!! Wewe una chida na si ya matamchi. Its extremely hard to get rich, even earn consistently, from gambling. Tutasema mara ngapi the house always wins? Ata in those traditional casinos, if they realize you win regularly, they will find a flimsy excuse to ban you from their casino. Hata wale wanashinda jackpot ya sportpesa, sitashangaa kuskia mtu alitumia karibu hio pesa yote kubet.
ION sportpesa wakiskia unataka kuwacha betting si wataita crisis meeting? Such a valued customer leaving? How? Usishangae ata ukitumiwa yellow yellow akupe coomer ndio uchange mind.

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@mdguru, you must’ve been chasing loses to lose that much! You never do that. Though it sounds cliche’ish’, but you only bet what you can afford to lose. Period. If your stars align properly while you are at it, thank your God and walk. I cash out any winnings I make, and leave only the principle. Ikizama yote, then I start afresh, but only with what I can afford to lose

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Reason why I don’t need any other
addiction, wacha nikae na hiyo moja. :D:D:D:D

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