Am done betting

:eek::eek: kwani ilikua kazi? that was serious


In every game, there are three probabilities for thirteen games. That’s a factorial of 13 transalting to more than 1.5 million possibilities. Your chances of bagging that jackpot is more than 1:1,500,000. That means you’ll need to spend more than 150,000,000 in one weekend to guarantee yourself a win. LoL.

Gambling is a disease for people whose greed surpasses their pain of losing sth they’ve worked hard for.


But c0ngrats, pits never too late.

Ukiskia urge ya kugamble tena, hiyo pesa tumia @KTalkvilleWeekly iende to good use.

hehe… ndio maana sportpesa wako na pesa ya kusponsor KPL(80M),boxing (20M),shirt sponsors of afc leopards (undisclosed) and daily advertising on all the 4 major TV stations (500K430)…hawa watu wanatukamua dry fry proper

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And two more betting firms have now joined the fray, betway and mCHEZA. They know the market is rich and ripe.

nko sure watu wa KRA will come knocking very soon… utakuwa unashinda kitu kama 1600 wanakata 10% kama tax

utabet jackpot miaka kumi na bado hutawai shinda heheh monthly 400 yearly 4001210 = 48k

i will

i never accepted that i have lost, continued pumping cash moreso when it happened that i had lost, funny thing i could never withdraw more than twice without losing all my cash. i would end up returning the withdrawn cash + extra


people only look at the winnings but forget they are the financing the whole scheme, until its too late:(:(:frowning:

Of course.

Most likely they will make it mandatory for the firms to deduct the tax before making payments to the winners.

they know there’s no shortage of fools…

choose not to be the bookie’s cow…it’s your life…


To have a remote chance in betting, you must do crazy statistics and probability. That is advanced calculus. The people behind betting schemes do that. Na wewe ni kubahatisha after work sitting in a bar and inebriated.

We ni fala na c ety nini! 429K kweli ulikua unaeka mangapi? Gambling is not meant to earn your daily bread bana io ni ya kutafuta za weekend msee

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io ni ya kuchukua za weekend…

I bet for pleasure sio kila siku maybe twice a month but ukiwa hooked in that behaviour sio poa

Admit it. you are serious about betting and are losing. Dont baptise it “pleasure”