Am afraid T tell The History

The generations that fell on existence from the after math of 2002 in Kenya have a long not of value ethical political diagram to draw in oratorical parades when questions of our the countries political history are asked by our sons to call after this day i ink this Quote-graph.The integrity of our country soils all tribes in the bracket of corruption so now there is not a single inference between those who are so baptized as thieves and the other white garment so called tribes who call themselves,’ sisi ni weupe kama amba’.I mean today,the most corrupt have an inheritance for their not born generational related blood lines and here again i fear to be asked by my grandsons,where i was when akina grandafathers and grandmothers of so and so acquired great infident of wealth…not that i am not muscling hard to attain something but here in Kenya,billionaires are created in only a single operation like if only to demonstrate, ,‘Operation Fagia Doo ya NYS,’ If the government fails to put those involved in those mega grafts into arms and prosecute while recovering back what was stolen, then billionaires will run loose to give me and you of this generation a bad name to our sons now and in the predictable future and trust me,those will be mega questions to tackle from our children, again i fear.

When terms are closed and arms pen seriousness,we need to live a life of reality not dreams,dreams have already rendered NYS among other government operated ministerial arms unbearable simply because grafts of stolen cash downrides their integrity of existence as ministries termed to help our nation’s futuristic goals.Again,here the fertility of creative brains that create these ministries are proved a aste of time ,so i see a country that,if one has a new idea that requires financial sponsorship shall be tried in a court of authenticity and interrogations so as to poop out any senior most hidden plan to abscond cash and here i see a polio-graph being used to detect lies,i mean who shall dear to dream again if so?! My greatest worry is in this land of politics,its suicidal,Judasses and hard core zacheuses are in this line of operation here in kenya and perhaps the rest of the world,.Its like kenya got born again after 2002 because every other election that has ever been done afterwards has always witnessed chocking and jail a brother for electoral malpractices strands.Along the courts for justice and personal redemption,our justice system has been whacked up and guys go there to king-slay the innocent and uphold the wording of the mighty in terms of who is who and backed up by who or what!

Scandals of sundae,fake news and brothels of crime spots are born in every where and time the govt creates a new economical uplining game.When shall there be that day when the kenyan citizen shall be allowed to live and exist after they have decided through ballot who to be their governing council.Its like black stars are reigning ,red blood out and black blood in,who created me my brothers witch if not these tribal political back grounded games of consequences because kenyans have chosen to listen to the noise and block their hearts from feeling and understanding the message the rains bring.Backed down by evil intentions and wearing sheep clothings they fuel their hearts, and gear high on the road of politics to create another evilution massacre of scales of polluted speech and fifty fifty him and her so as to print a statement of ‘Huyo Anaweza’.Am just looking upon the skies of spells hoping that that candle of red flames can be speared otherwise,legging through the tombs to resurrect the martin luthers of the hour,seize me not,my reader,i feel like a guilty soul to my generations to come because from far i can hear their questions ,in bitter spits being rapped up by the sonkos of their generations while their hearts send them back to their parents,parents to their grandparents and the chain lapse not backwards ,but how exactly can we balance that!..The tears are so pruning,cutting through and edging up a close council for a discussions,perhaps the mighty can mind to hand out the one in the pit and give them a plate of considerations empowering their strengths to stand in the dance floor of the queens and kings and of the chosen to dance a jig in equal stances,…but its like the latin book has been fully interpreted and non of the words spell,‘I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER,’ because no sense of morality and uprighteousness and sense of responsibility has been realized in the kenyan governing council at all levels…I fear…

and that, ladies and gentlemens, is an essay in a language similar to english…

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Am sure your essay is full of wisdom, wacha ningoje wanakijiji wanisomee

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For those who are waiting for the summary… Chinua Achebe is your go to guy. Let me explain in a language in the neighbourhood of English… (@gashwin shut up) When the madness of an entire country disturbs a sliutary mind,its not enough to say that the man (in this case the chrismass eve nigga) is mad!

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Inaonekana kuna watu hapa tukienda klab kulewa, wanaenda chemist. And they come out more drunk than us.

throw in stories za sex escapadees here and there to make the rest of the story palatable… this is ktalk

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This quote isn’t from any of Achebe’s works… its from Francis Imbuga’s play Betrayal in The city

he he he…[SIZE=1]i was told to sharrap na nikatii[/SIZE]…

Thanks! We should always assign credit where it is due. (I read that book too btw. Mulili, Kabito na wengine…but do I sei)

Kama watu hawajui nani wanaquote waulize wasaidiwe priz.