Aliexpress Shipping

I wanted to buy some items from china but kuona 40-50 days ndo ifike becomes an inconvenience, is there any other way to beat that timeline?

inbox @incognitus

Me is the other way

Nimeona wako na xiaomi note 7 pia
But that shipping timeline is also challenging

Sande buda. Na umenifichia white sana mdau. Siwezi kosa konyagi

Kuom Rongai nikurushie mtoto swafi wa nazarene

Mostly 14 days. Definitely less than 21 days.

Nangoja thread yako ya HIV wewe african

I ordered a parcel mid January, hadi wa leo nangoja

Nipatie hiyo kitu brathe

I ordered mine, sent by China post, arrived within a record 8 days!!! It’s rare.

Fala69 hauna number yangu? Shenj

Wewe funda hio story tuliona

Tuliona ama tulilewa:D

the cheaper the delivery the longer it takes … DHL express delivers within a month but its over ksh 10k …so you just have to learn to be patient

I meant tuliongea

I had ordered the Item on aliexpress, It had taken almost 30 days to arrive, 50 days is just a maxium days but won’t reach that

It is not that rare. I also ordered something that was sent by China post. Gave up on it ever arriving. 7 days it was here. Got me thinking why DHL is so expensive. Only issue is time it takes for customs to clear once it is here. DHL gets that done faster. Still Post office works just fine. The only risk is that there is no way to track when things go wrong.

I am about to purchase a car-aircon machine. Ill holla once deal is done. How long from china to Kenya, fastest means? Work with 30kg weight

Their delivery time is always the issue for me