Aliexpress Shipping

By air about 7days by sea 30-45days. Tell me when ready

Shipments take longer if its not from mainland china. factories move items to mainland first

So Aliexpress allows one to pay via Mpesa. This is interesting.

I have done a few purchases this week and was surprised on how fast and easy it is to pay by mpesa.

After doing purchases over a period of 6 months, I realized that the free shipping orders take the longest to deliver and probabilities of loss of the item there since they are untracked, I always DM the seller about the status of the order on the timeline and follow up on the feedback coz they need the good ratings when the customer is happy.

This is still not interesting until they stop using fucked up posta and establish a pick up point.

You can ship in using DHL, FedEx and Aramex. Your choice.

DHL delivers in 4 Business days.

Boss 75kg machine. How machine to Nairobi from China? Can you pick or does it need to be delivered to port?

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How do you pay via MPESA on Aliexpress? I cant see that option

What is the procedure?

I have never received a package in less than 30 days.Last December I bought some timers and chose SF Express which indicated the items would be with me in 15 days.The package left China on 17th December and arrived 15th February 2019 .I had infact cancelled the order and bought the similar timers pale Amazon delivered to Nairobi by Kentex.

Just select your preferred shipping method while checking out.