Aliens and Americans

Why is it that 95% of the time I watch documentaries its Americans who claim to have seen them or even been abducted by them.

Why do they think they are so special.

Also noted niggers hardly ever feature in this hekayas.


aliens are there…
and they are special because they are way more inteligent than us

I meant the Americans feeling they are special and warrant more attention from the Aliens.

I think its the same way africans believe in wachawi and waganga.
or may be they are just some white guys high on meth


Aliens have jungle fever!

Aliens visit at night. Africans/ niggers are black. hatuwezi onekana hio usiku. so they never hang around us, donge?

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the scientific evolution theory states that there are aliens that a more intelligent than us (they have even invented a source of energy that can fuel their aircrafts to fly light years without refuelling or breaking down) so when they first landed on earth they looked for the most intelligent animal and inseminated them with their seed to create a more intelligent creature on earth that resembles them, in other words they created us in their own image. Now when they visit earth they van only appear to the most intelligent of the species. Hogwash!

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hii ni scientology according to koolibah ama? na hiyo americans being visited and anally probed ndio the most intelligent?

yes the aliens have an interest in them because they have something others dont. law of attraction can be bent backwards to justify even evil. think about the holocaust and how people say Hitler pcked on jews because they are special blessed chosen

Americans are just dumb.

Hutus and tutsis are they also special people they were killed in their millions…na russia je? They lost more people in that war than the 6 million jews and POLES

but why is the world beholden to the jews? it’s like we all carry a collective guilt

Not the world…the west

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True. Jews control western financial and information systems.

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I was abducted by beings not of this earth when I was 7…image ni mental tu

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Hujambo Monk haikua weed ni miti shamba.

hehe sawa wacha waseme basi…aliens, jesus, santa, abunwasi all in same category

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And Stalin, it is said, killed more than those who died in the war.