Aliens and Americans

where are all the aliens?


He killed many people, but he allegation that they more than the ones lost between 1938-1945 ni probably propaganda. The reason I say this is because these claims are always done by the west who never provide even a shred of evidence. The same is said of Mao. Hiyo ya Hitler illikuwa unsurpassed industrial establishment for killing and disposing people. No one has ever made anything of a similar scale. Nazi atrocities have records, some of them verifiable.

Just read about the holocaust extensively and you will realize how big the scale was. Its was not anything like the rwanda genocide or pogroms. The German program was a carefully planned industry. Engineers and other scientists worked to make an efficient killing machine. This is an internet excerpt describing operations at Treblinka extermination camp to show how normal it seemed to them. “According to Stangl, a train transport of about 3,000 people could be “processed” in three hours. In a 14-hour workday, 12,000 to 15,000 people were killed. After the new gas chambers were built, the duration of the killing process was reduced to an hour and a half.”

they say hitler killed 6 million jews, the truth is he killed 6 million jews and poles, Russia lost between 11 and 20 million people in that war

Its 6 million jews and 5 million other people through deliberate extermination. An estimated 11million. he then continued to wage a “war of extermination” as he called it against russia. So the figure is much higher.

Aliens also exist in Africa & have hidden bases in Zimbabwe & maybe Zambia & sometimes they do abduct people there. Our ancestors used to see them & also their flying saucers in the skies & would worship them as gods. The white people colluded with these “aliens” to invade & colonize Africa and the rest of the world. Aliens exist but we cannot see them because they colluded with the elite for something to be done to us when we are small babies so that we become not capable of seeing them as we grow e.g think of the bcg vaccine which every baby worldwide must get

Dumb pple with dumb talks

Or maybe the reason we cant see them is because they dont exist